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What should I see in Colombia?

What should I see in Colombia?

Must-Visit Attractions in Colombia

  • Caño Cristales. Park.
  • Medellín. Architectural Landmark.
  • Cali. Architectural Landmark.
  • Amazon rainforest communities. Natural Feature.
  • Walled city of Cartagena. Architectural Landmark, Historical Landmark.
  • Tayrona National Park. Park.
  • Andrés Carne de Res.
  • Salt Cathedral.

What’s the prettiest city in Colombia?

Barichara. Famously known as “the prettiest town in Colombia,” the stunning little pueblo of Barichara in the Santander department definitely lives up to its reputation. Its cobbled streets, whitewashed walls, and red-tiled roofs are any Hollywood filmmaker’s dream.

Which is better to visit Medellin or Bogota?

Medellin is the undisputed winner in this area. The city is renowned for its ‘perfect weather’. Medellin boasts spring-like weather all year round and provides a pleasant experience to the visitors. Bogota, on the other hand, is colder than its Colombian counterpart, as it is located in a high altitude region.

Is Colombia famous for drugs?

According to Bloomberg News, as of 2011, studies show that Colombia is the world’s largest cocaine producer. The United States of America is the world’s largest consumer of cocaine and other illegal drugs.

Which is better Cali or Medellín?

Cali wins here. Properties in lower estratos tend to have lower prices differences between the cities but in general are more expensive in Medellín. Other costs like groceries, restaurants and other things tend to be at least 5-10 percent cheaper in Cali in comparison to Medellín.

Which is better Bogota vs Medellín?

Which is better Medellín or Cartagena?

Medellín wins here. Medellín is a much bigger city with a metro population of over 3.7 million so it obviously has many more restaurant and nightlife options. In comparison, Cartagena has a metro population of over 1.2 million. Medellín has many more restaurant options, many of which have been covered on this website.

What are the most popular places in Colombia?

Cartagena is one of the most popular places in Colombia for travelers. Situated on the ocean, the city is a well-preserved center for Spanish colonial architecture . Inside the old walled city, you will find cobblestone streets, horse-drawn carriages, and many small shops and vendors.

What are the most popular cities in Colombia?

Colombia’s Most Populous Cities. Bogota. Bogota is the largest and the capital city of Colombia. The city is considered the administrative, industrial, tourism political, financial, sports, and cultural center.

What are the safest cities in Colombia?

Cartagena is considered the safest city in Colombia according the U.S. State Department. Colombia’s previous reputation for kidnappings and crime is no longer a concern in tourist areas, especially Cartagena.

What are some interesting places to visit in Colombia?

Colombia has major attractions for a tourist destination, such as Cartagena and its historic surroundings, which are on the UNESCO World Heritage List; the insular department of San Andrés, Providencia y Santa Catalina; and Santa Marta and the surrounding area.