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What is the relationship between Antonio and Ultima?

What is the relationship between Antonio and Ultima?

Ultima acts as Antonio’s mentor and helps him cope with his anxieties and uncertainties. Ultima claims a spiritual connection to Antonio that manifests its power in Chapter 1, when Antonio dreams of Ultima burying his afterbirth to keep his destiny secret from the arguing families of his parents.

What is the relationship between Ultima and Antonio’s family Why do they invite Ultima to stay with them?

When Antonio Márez is almost seven years old, the old healer Ultima comes to stay with him and his family in their small house in Guadalupe, New Mexico. The family has taken in Ultima out of a respect for her healing powers, her knowledge of plant lore, and her long use of folk magic in service of the community.

What does Antonio struggle with in Bless Me Ultima?

Antonio’s struggle to reconcile the complexities of his experience with his religion leads him to conclude that he must make his own decisions. Ultima teaches him that the most difficult questions about life can never be answered entirely by a single religion or cultural tradition.

How does Antonio feel about Ultima?

During this happy time, Antonio grows to love both the llano and the river. Antonio realizes that Ultima is happiest when she is out on the llano, and her happiness helps him to realize that he too is a part of the llano and a part of nature.

Is Ultima good or bad?

Ultima can be seen as the scapegoat of a cosmic struggle between good and evil. Ultima is described in detail by Anaya. She is very old and wrinkled.

What does Antonio’s father want him to be?

His mother wants him to become a priest while his father wants him to explore and be free; then along comes Ultima. Up to the point where Ultima visits, Antonio has it in his mind that it is his destiny to become a priest.

What advice does Ultima give Tony at the end?

When Antonio awakes, Ultima suggests that he go to his uncles in El Puerto. Antonio has seen too much death. His uncles can teach him about growing life. Before he leaves, Ultima advises him to be ready to make life’s changes part of his strength.

Is Ultima really a witch?

Ultima is a healer and a mystery to many of the people of the town. Some of the adults in town even call her a witch. But young Antonio takes a liking to her, and the two develop a special bond as Ultima shares her knowledge about medicinal herbs and remedies and the power of spirituality.

What does Ultima give Tony to keep him safe?

Ultima won’t let Antonio touch them, and she warns him to be careful if he sees Tenorio Trementina. She gives Antonio her scapular necklace with protective herbs in it to keep him safe.

How old is Antonio in Bless Me, Ultima?

Although Antonio is only six years old at the start of the narrative, he already possesses a keenly questioning mind, a great deal of moral curiosity, and a solemn appreciation for the seriousness of life. Some of his traits are typical of children his age, such as his anxiety at leaving his mother to start school.

How does understanding come with life in Bless Me Ultima?

“Understanding comes with life. As a man grows he sees life and death, he is happy and sad, he works, plays, meets people – sometimes it takes a lifetime to acquire understanding, because in the end understanding simply means having sympathy for people. ”

When was Bless Me, Ultima by Antonio Juan Marez published?

For each quote, you can also see the other characters and themes related to it (each theme is indicated by its own dot and icon, like this one: ). Note: all page numbers and citation info for the quotes below refer to the Warner Books edition of Bless Me, Ultima published in 1994.

What did Ultima try to teach me about life?

And that is what Ultima tried to teach me, that the tragic consequences of life can be overcome by the magical strength that resides in the human heart. –Antonio” “It is because good is always stronger than evil. Always remember that, Antonio.