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What is the meaning of gussets?

What is the meaning of gussets?

1 : a usually diamond-shaped or triangular insert in a seam (as of a sleeve, pocketbook, or shoe upper) to provide expansion or reinforcement. 2 : a plate or bracket for strengthening an angle in framework (as in a building or bridge)

What is a gusset in England?

/ˈɡʌs.ɪt/ uk. /ˈɡʌs.ɪt/ a second layer of cloth that is sewn into a piece of clothing to make it larger, stronger, or more comfortable: silk panties with a cotton gusset. SMART Vocabulary: related words and phrases.

Why is it called a gusset?

The original gussets were used in chain mail or armor, to cover unprotected areas. The word comes from the Old French gosset, “armhole,” or “piece of armor for the armpit.”

What does 2 gusset mean?

Meaning of the Term as it Pertains to Mattresses Rather than stitching the top and bottom, a gusset adds a two-inch-wide side panel around the boarder. Some manufacturers claim that gusset pillows and mattress toppers are better for side sleepers, who generally want softer cushioning.

What are gussets clothing?

Gusset is a panel, either triangular or diamond in shape, that is inserted into a garment to help shape and reinforce key points, like the underarms or crotch. You get gussets in modern tights and pantyhose — they add breadth and breathe to the crotch seam.

What are gussets in leggings?

In sewing, a gusset is a triangular or rhomboidal piece of fabric inserted into a seam to add breadth or reduce stress from tight-fitting clothing. Gussets are used in manufacturing of modern tights and pantyhose to add breadth at the crotch seam.

What is Geset?

A genset is a combination of a prime mover, (typically an engine), and an alternator. An engine converts the chemical energy of a fuel to mechanical energy. In sum, the genset creates portable sources of energy.

Is a gusset plate?

A gusset plate is a thin metal object, typically made of steel, that is used to affix independent members of a structure to each other or to a beam to aid alignment. Gusset plates are used in joint, bend or otherwise disjointed structural locations that require additional support to withstand stresses.

What is a gusset on a pillow?

A gusset is an extra piece of material that helps expand or give structure to a pillow. It creates a side panel, in addition to a top and bottom. Since the filling has more space to move around, the pillow feels consistently comfortable no matter how you’re sleeping on it.

Is gusset a French word?

ETYMOLOGY OF THE WORD GUSSET From Old French gousset a piece of mail, a diminutive of gousse pod, of unknown origin.

What’s a gusset on a pillow?

What is gusset size?

Width = Across opening of the bag (with gusset tucked in) Gusset = Distance across the open face of side pleat Length = From the opening to the bottom of the bag Gauge = Thickness of bag, measured in mils.

What is the definition of a gusset shirt?

First, let’s look at the technical definition of a gusset: a piece of material sewn into a garment to strengthen or enlarge a part of it, such as the collar of a shirt or the crotch of an undergarment. I first learned about a Gusset when trying out the Lululemon ABC Pants.

What’s the difference between a gusset and an open gusset?

Instead of a gusset, they have the same thickness of fabric around the top of the legs and the waist. Tights that are designed without a gusset have straight seams, or a seam that has been sewn into the gusset V shape. Open gusset: Finally, you may see tights with what is known as an open gusset.

What is the definition of Christmas in English?

English Language Learners Definition of Christmas : a Christian holiday that is celebrated on December 25 in honor of the birth of Jesus Christ or the period of time that comes before and after this holiday See the full definition for Christmas in the English Language Learners Dictionary

Which is an example of a gusset sentence?

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