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What is the meaning for afterwards?

What is the meaning for afterwards?

: at a later or succeeding time : subsequently, thereafter found out about it long afterward.

Where do we use afterwards?

Afterwards is an adverb. If something happens afterwards, it happens after a particular event or time that has already been mentioned. You often use afterwards in expressions like not long afterwards, soon afterwards, and shortly afterwards. She died soon afterwards.

What is meaning of after Marathi?

Definition in undefined: एका संदर्भ वेळ निघून गेल्यावर घडत आहे

What type of word is afterwards?

Afterwards is an adverb – Word Type.

What can I say instead of after that?

synonyms for after that

  • thenceforth.
  • consequently.
  • following.
  • forever after.
  • from that day forward.
  • from that day on.
  • from there on.
  • hereafter.

What is difference between after and afterwards?

So while there is technically no difference between ‘after’ as an adverb and ‘afterward’, generally most native speakers prefer ‘afterward’ or ‘afterwards’. This sounds more complete and provides the listener or reader with the idea that an adverb is being used, especially when it ends the sentence.

How can I write again in Marathi?


  1. एकवार
  2. परत
  3. फिरून
  4. आणखी
  5. पुन्हा

What is the meaning of the term Rava?

Rāva (राव, “resonance”).— The Tantrāloka refers to the authority of the Brahmayāmala to explain why resonance (the term used is rāva) is ten-fold. Resonance is said to be radiant ( śrīmān) lit. “possessed of glory”.

What happens to Raava when she is separated from Vaatu?

The moment Raava and Vaatu were separated, she started shrinking, as with the dark spirit on the loose, the light for which she stood began to fade. Angered, Raava turned to Wan, who believed her to be nothing more than a bully.

What happens when Wan and Raava train together?

For nearly a year, the two trained together, becoming more proficient as a team; Wan experienced a rush of power each time Raava passed through him, combining their energies. However, as time passed by, Raava gradually grew weaker and smaller due to Vaatu’s increased influence on the world. Platinum Collection Build Your Own Bundle.

Which is the opposite of the word afterwards?

“He came home in 1976 for his father’s funeral but afterwards lost contact with his family.” Find more words! What is the opposite of afterwards? What is the adjective for afterwards? What is the noun for afterwards? What is the adverb for afterwards?