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What is it called when you put spin on a cue ball?

What is it called when you put spin on a cue ball?

Follow, sometimes called top spin or simply “top,” is spin in the direction of travel of the cue ball, so that it is spinning faster than it would from its natural roll. Top spin is imparted to a ball by hitting it above the midpoint of its vertical plane as it faces the shooter.

Where do you hit the cue ball for spinning?

Top spin occurs when you apply the cue tip above the centre spot of the cue ball. The higher the strike the more top spin that is applied. You may sometimes hear top spin referred to as “follow” this is due to the fact that the cue ball will follow through after striking the object ball.

How do you get a legendary cue in 8 ball pool?

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What does putting spin on a cue ball do?

Applying spin gives you more control of the cue ball after it has struck the object ball thus allowing you to control the final position ready to play your next shot. It can also be used to get you out of tricky situations if you are “snookered” and cannot strike the object ball directly.

How do you use side spin in pool?

How do you use side spin in pool? Apply side spin by striking your cue ball off center. Any time your cue stick strikes the cue ball off center, a degree of side spin will be imparted to the forward roll of the cue ball. The greater the offset from cue ball center, the greater the side spin component will be.

How do you create spin on a cue ball?

This type of spin is created by striking the cue ball to the left or right of the centre spot dependant on which spin you wish to apply. This is commonly used for positional shots but unless mastered and the shot played perfectly it can lead to some potting errors or the cue ball not quite finishing movement where expected.

What does it mean to spin the ball in pool?

Spinning the ball means that players deliberately manipulate the ball in such positions that it would become easy for him to pocket the next selected object ball. This can be learned through varieties of techniques and a well grasp over mechanics of basic mathematics that are involved in the game of pool.

What’s the best way to practice pool tips?

Practice it: Place the cue ball straight towards a diamond and hit it center and softly until it comes back to hit the tip of cue. If it doesn’t hit your cue, you are not hitting center or your stroke is not straight.