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What is IBM urban code?

What is IBM urban code?

IBM UrbanCode Deploy is an application-release solution that infuses automation into the continuous delivery and continuous deployment (CI/CD) process and provides robust visibility, traceability and auditing capabilities.

What is IBM UrbanCode build?

IBM UrbanCode Build is a distributed, multi-platform, enterprise-scale build management tool. IBM UrbanCode Build uses a template-driven system to configure and run builds. Projects are created from project templates and are configured by assigning other templates to them, such as process and workflow templates.

Is Urban Code deploy free?

UrbanCode Deploy Trial Use the free trial for 60 days.

How does urban code deployment work?

Modeling software deployment in IBM UrbanCode Deploy includes configuring components and component processes and adding those components to applications. Then, you use processes to deploy the components to environments. Set up environments for the applications, such as development, testing, and production environments.

What is difference between uDeploy and Jenkins?

Urbancode Deploy(uDeploy) is another product by IBM which can be used for deployment. Jenkins is one of top active Open Source and free developed in Java. Jenkins has Dependency management and but not awareness. Urbancode build(uBuild) has Dependency management and awareness.

What is urban deploy?

IBM UrbanCode Deploy is a tool for automating application deployments through your environments. It is designed to facilitate rapid feedback and continuous delivery in agile development while providing the audit trails versioning and approvals needed in production.

What does UrbanCode deploy do?

What do you need to know about IBM UrbanCode deploy?

What is IBM UrbanCode Deploy? IBM UrbanCode® Deploy is an application-release solution that combines continuous delivery and deployment automation with robust visibility, traceability and auditing capabilities. The IBM vision and strategy for the overall CDRA and DevOps market remains among the strongest in this Forrester Wave report.

What can UrbanCode build do for your organization?

UrbanCode Build is a distributed, multiplatform build-management tool for configuring and running software builds. Create a secure environment that conforms to your organization’s structure and needs. Configure and run your builds with a template-driven process that accelerates feedback.

Is there a SaaS version of UrbanCode deploy?

Yes. UrbanCode Deploy on Cloud is an SaaS solution with UrbanCode Deploy as its foundation. UrbanCode Deploy is a best-in-class application-release automation solution that makes deploying applications predictable, repeatable and auditable. How does UrbanCode Deploy integrate with plug-ins?

How does UrbanCode enable continuous delivery of software?

UrbanCode can enable continuous delivery for any combination of on-premises, cloud and mainframe applications by eliminating manual, error-prone processes. Maintain control of complex releases, and release software faster, without sacrificing quality — with UrbanCode.