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What is a sepam relay?

What is a sepam relay?

Sepam relay continuously supervises the circuit to ensure that there is no interruption, since trip circuit continuity is vital for correct circuit breaker operation. The current also goes into the inputs of Sepam relay, which continuously monitors its presence.

What does sepam stand for?

Acronym. Definition. SEPAM. Systems Engineering, Policy Analysis and Management (education program)

What is MiCOM relay?

Measurement & Post Fault Analysis The MiCOM Range of relays are capable of measuring and storing a wide range of system quantities such as Current, Voltage, Frequency, Power etc. Power System Measurement A comprehensive set of measurement values including instantaneous and derived values are available on the relays.

What are different types of relay?

There are different types of relays like:

  • Electromagnetic Relays.
  • Latching Relays.
  • Electronic Relays.
  • Non-Latching Relays.
  • Reed Relays.
  • High-Voltage Relays.
  • Small Signal Relays.
  • Time Delay Relays.

What is 50 and 50n relay?

50/51 and 50/51N relays. Overcurrent relays are the most commonly-used protective relay type. Time-overcurrent relays are available with various timing characteristics to coordinate with other protective devices and to protect specific equipment.

What is a 32 relay?

32 Directional power relay A relay that operates on a predetermined value of power flow in a given direction or upon reverse power flow, such as that resulting from the motoring of a generator upon loss of its prime mover.

What are the series 20 SEPAM relays used for?

The Series 20 consists of high-performing solutions suited for standard applications requiring current or voltage protection. Applications Covered: The Series 40 family of protection relays are designed for demanding applications requiring current, voltage and/or frequency protection.

What makes SEPAM protection relays so dependable?

Sepam protection relays are time-tested, high-performance devices that ensure dependability. This range of products was designed with a simple idea in mind: All users should be able to find a solution corresponding exactly to their needs with the right balance between performance, simplicity and cost.

What do you need to know about the SEPAM range?

Sepam™ Protection Re… The Sepam™ Range — I… Sepam protection relays are time-tested, high-performance devices that ensure dependability.

What is IEC 61850 for SEPAM relays?

Featuring native IEC 61850 and VAMPs unique arc flash protection, the VAMP 50 series is designed around proven technology concepts and developed in close cooperation with customers, making it both reliable and modern.