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What is a framing strut?

What is a framing strut?

(in Russian, shprengel’), in structural mechanics, a structural element in the form of an open bar system with a triangular or polygonal shape attached to the principal bearing elements of a structure. Strut frames are calculated according to the general methods used for bar systems. …

Is all strut galvanized?

Most Unistrut Channel is available in Plain Carbon Steel, Perma-Green, or Pre-Galvanized finish. Other options include hot-dipped galvanized and special metals (aluminum and Type 304 & 316 stainless steel).

What are steel struts?

Struts are normally manufactured from stainless steel to eliminate the chances of rust or fiberglass, for protection against corrosive environmental factors. They are made from a long sheet of steel and often come galvanized with a zinc coating, epoxy, powder coating, paint or any other kind of finish.

What is a strut and what does it do?

Unlike shock absorbers, struts provide structural support for the vehicle’s suspension. As a result, struts affect riding comfort and handling, as well as vehicle control, braking, steering, wheel alignment and wear on other suspension components, including the tyres.

Does strut channel rust?

Plain Unistrut is susceptible to rust and offers the least amount of corrosion resistance. That said, because it is plain, this channel style is ideal for projects requiring welding or powder coating. See below for a breakdown of the Plain finish. PLAIN (PL) finish is commonly used for most indoor applications.

What size is deep strut?

Commonly known as 12 Gauge Standard or Deep Strut Channel, it is the global standard for strut metal framing. This channel is commonly used for trapeze supports, seismic bracing, ceiling grids, pipe, conduit, duct and cable tray supports, racks, and other general framing.

What can be done with flex strut framing?

Flex-Strut metal strut framing channel systems can be used for a seemingly limitless number of mechanical applications, including: Engineered applications of strut channel. Overhead electrical supports. HVAC. Plumbing. Fire protection systems. Concrete inserts. Laboratory furniture fabrications.

What can a strut channel framing system be used for?

Flex-Strut metal strut framing channel systems can be used for a seemingly limitless number of mechanical applications, including: Our strut channel systems are proudly Made in the USA! See our Products page to view our full line of channel framing systems and other products.

What is the width of a strut channel?

Run cable and tubing in the tightest spaces with channel that is one-quarter the height and one-half the width of regular strut channel. This welded, one-piece strut channel combines two strut channels back-to- back.

How do you mount a strut channel on a beam?

Mount a length of strut channel between the ends of a beam to run cable and conduit along the beam without drilling. Cover rough ends of strut channel. Create a four-sided raceway for cable, or give a more finished look to strut channel structures. A tab on the end of these shelf brackets fits inside the strut channel for extra stability.