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What is a B788 aircraft?

What is a B788 aircraft?

The Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner is a long range, mid-sized, wide-body, twin-engine jet airliner. The B788 is a member of the B787 series of aircraft. The 787 is the world’s first airliner using composite materials for most of its construction (approx. 50 percent).

What kind of plane is a 788?

Boeing 787-8
Boeing 787-8 (788)

Is Boeing 788 a Dreamliner?

As of March 2020, the 787 had orders for 1,510 aircraft from 72 identified customers….

Boeing 787 Dreamliner
A Boeing 787-9, the midsize variant, of All Nippon Airways, the first and largest 787 operator
Role Wide-body jet airliner
National origin United States
Manufacturer Boeing Commercial Airplanes

What makes the Dreamliner so special?

One of the most unique things about the 787 is its raked wingtip, where the wing sweeps upwards at the end. It’s designed to give the aircraft more fuel efficiency and allow it to climb in a better way. It’s probably the first time we’ve seen this in commercial service.

What is the difference between Boeing 788 and 789?

The only real observable difference between the -8, -9 and -10 from the outside is the length. The -8 is 186 feet long. The -9 comes in 20 feet longer at 206 feet, and the -10 is 18 feet longer than the -9 at 224 feet. The increased length is created by adding fuselage sections either side of the wing.

What aircraft does JAL fly?

Number of aircraft used by the JAL Group

Model Owned Leased
Airbus A350-900This page will open in a new window. 4 4
Boeing 787-9This page will open in a new window. 17 3
Boeing 787-8This page will open in a new window. 29 0
Boeing 777-300ERThis page will open in a new window. 13 0

Where is the Boeing 777 built?

Everett, Washington
The aircraft is built at the Boeing plant in Everett, Washington. By 2012, Boeing received more than 1,300 orders and built over 1,000 Boeing 777 aircraft for more than 60 customers since the aircraft entered service in May 1995.