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What are statutory allotments?

What are statutory allotments?

Statutory allotments sites If a site has been acquired or appropriated by a local authority (of any type, from parish to county council) for the specific purpose of being used as allotments, then this site has special protection and is known as a ‘statutory allotments'(4) site.

What is a financial allotment?

An allotment is a designated amount of money that is automatically distributed for you, from your pay. You can have allotments sent to bank accounts, insurance companies and more.

What are British allotments?

An allotment garden (British English), often called simply an allotment, or in North America, a community garden, is a plot of land made available for individual, non-commercial gardening or growing food plants.

Can people build on allotments?

Building on statutory allotment land is only allowed when the allotment holders are offered alternative sites. Despite these controls, many people have asked for the provision of more allotments to satisfy demand.

Can allotments ever be built on?

Under the Allotments Act 1925, councils can only develop statutorily protected allotment land with the permission of the secretary of state, and only if strict criteria are met. In reality such requests are rarely turned down.

Are Mypay allotments monthly?

Allotments are only disbursed once a month. The system withholds half of the allotment amount from the mid-month pay.

What can I use an allotment for?

Allotments are communal places, so you rent a plot from an allotment site and share utilities such as water and fertiliser with the other plot owners. You can use your allotment to grow anything you want.

Is it legal to live on an allotment?

You are not legally entitled to reside on an allotment and the council cannot grant you permission to live there however they might ignore the fact that you are living there as councils have in the other cases I found.

How much do allotments cost UK?

How much does an allotment cost? The current cost of an allotment is £8.75 per rod/per 25.3 square metres, per annum. Accordingly, the cost of a 5 rod plot for 2021 is £43.75 for the year. A 10 rod plot is £87.50.

How does an allotment work?

With an allotment, half of the allotted amount is deducted from your mid-month pay, and that amount remains in the system until the other half is deducted from your end-of-month pay. At that time, the entire amount is submitted to the designated recipient.