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Should minutes be taken at a disciplinary hearing?

Should minutes be taken at a disciplinary hearing?

Following a disciplinary or grievance meeting, the employer should provide a copy of the minutes or notes taken of the meeting to the employee concerned. If the employee does not agree that the notes are an accurate representation of what was said, the employer should ask them to provide a corrected version.

Is there a time frame for a disciplinary?

There’s also no time limit for disciplinary actions, it should be reasonable. If you decide on dismissal, then inform them as soon as possible in writing including information about their notice period and their right to appeal.

How much notice is required for a disciplinary hearing?

If the disciplinary policy doesn’t state the number of day’s notice to be provided, make sure you allow reasonable time to prepare. Depending on how complex the investigation was and how much information there is for you to consider, normally five working days’ notice for a disciplinary hearing is sufficient.

Why is it important to take notes at a disciplinary hearing?

Having an experienced note taker present at the hearing to take notes means that the individual leading the hearing is able to concentrate solely on the process and the explanations the employee provides.

What are the minutes of the disciplinary inquiry?

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Do you take verbatim notes during a disciplinary hearing?

Don’t take verbatim notes there are no need. The notes should be a summary of what was said, capturing the salient points. Make sure you have plenty of margined note paper and place the initials of the person making the point in the margin Don’t be afraid to ask the note taker if they ‘got that’.

Do you have to record adjournments of disciplinary hearings?

Record adjournments in the hearing, what time it occurs and what time the hearing is reconvened. You are under no obligation to seek the employee’s approval it can help demonstrate that you clarified every issue and didn’t miss anything.