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Is Sour banana indica or sativa?

Is Sour banana indica or sativa?

Grow information Its heavy yields tend to produce relaxed, cerebral effects. Sour Banana Sherbet is an easy-to-grow, balanced indica/sativa hybrid that flowers in eight to nine weeks indoors or outdoors. Its heavy yields tend to produce relaxed, cerebral effects.

What type of strain is sour banana?

Sour Banana Sherbet, also known as “Sour Banana Sherbert” and “Banana Sherbet Kush,” is a hybrid marijuana strain made by crossing Sour Diesel with Banana Sherbet. This strain produces heavy-hitting effects that may make you feel relaxed and sleepy.

Is sour a good strain?

Sour Diesel effects are dreamy, cerebral, fast-acting and energizing. This strain features a pungent flavor profile that smells like diesel. Medical marijuana patients choose Sour Diesel to help relieve symptoms associated with depression, pain, and stress.

What are the best sour strains?

Strains for: Sour Flavor

  • Hybrid Wookies.
  • Hybrid Tropicana Cookies.
  • Sativa Mojito.
  • Hybrid Mimosa.
  • Hybrid Peanut Butter Breath.
  • Hybrid Orange Zkittlez.
  • Hybrid Rainmaker.
  • Hybrid Crown Royale.

What strain is Mr Clean?

Clean, also known as “Mister Clean,” is a sativa-dominant marijuana strain made by crossing Lime Skunk and The Cube.

How Strong Is Sour OG?

Sour OG is a potent strain with an average THC content of approximately 20%. However, some tests show that the Sour OG strain can contain up to 27% THC.

What kind of high is sour OG?

Sour OG effects are mostly energizing. Sour OG potency is higher than average. Sour OG, also known as “Sour OG Kush,” is a popular hybrid marijuana strain known to provide a balanced high.

Whats better sour tangie or Sour Diesel?

Effects: Sour Tangie isn’t quite as intense as Tangie, nor does it provide as much focus as Sour Diesel, but its high is more euphoric and relaxed than either, and it becomes very predictable after the first use.

What strain is like Sour Diesel?

The original source of powerhouse strains like Sour Diesel and OG Kush, Chemdawg is known for its distinct, diesel-like aroma. Pungent and sharp, you’ll be able to smell this hybrid from a mile away. Cannabis newbies be warned: Chemdawg tends to be very potent.