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Is rammed earth more sustainable than concrete?

Is rammed earth more sustainable than concrete?

How is rammed earth a better alternative to concrete? Rammed earth is highly sustainable as it has a high thermal mass and a 40th of the carbon footprint of concrete which is composed of 20% cement. It is also completely recyclable and has low transport emissions as the main material is already on site.

Does rammed earth crack?

Rammed earth can be engineered to achieve reasonably high strengths and be reinforced in a similar manner to concrete. Horizontal reinforcement is not recommended and excessive vertical reinforcement can cause cracking problems.

Are rammed earth homes fire proof?

The thick walls of rammed earth homes are also extremely fire-resistant because there are no flammable components in the earth. In addition, everything has been packed so tightly that there’s little chance of combustion.

Is rammed earth good?

The many advantages of building with rammed earth include superior thermal mass, temperature and noise control, strength and durability, low maintenance, fire proofing, load bearing and pest deterrence, as well as its beauty and the pleasure of building with a natural and environmentally sound material.

Who are rammed earth builders stabilised earth Adelaide?

Stabilised Earth Adelaide is a subcontracting company with over 30 years experience in building stabilised rammed earth walls for domestic and commercial applications. The constructions of walls in the form of monolithic panels is achieved through the blending of local road-base earth with cement and waterproofing admixture.

How big is a rammed earth wall in Adelaide?

With over 25 years of experience in building rammed earth walls, Adelaide Rammed Earth comprises of a friendly and professional team. Generally we build external walls of 300 or 400mm thickness, and internal walls of 200mm thickness.

What are the features of a rammed earth house?

We are able to build a variety of rammed earth features including chimneys, niches, columns, raking and curved walls. Exterior walls can also be insulated with bulk insulation inserted into the middle of the wall during construction.

What do you do with rammed earth walls?

Earth Structures Group specialises in the construction of rammed earth walls. It’s what we do, and we do it really well… Over the past 30 years, contemporary rammed earth walls have become a much loved building material for Australian architects who understand its unique thermal and aesthetic benefits.