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Is Panther Lily dead?

Is Panther Lily dead?

He and his guildmates are left utterly defeated and left to die in the cryptic ruins.

What happened Panther Lily?

After being transported to Earth Land, Panther Lily has undergone major changes: his body has been drastically reduced in size, with him now being the same height as most of his fellow Exceeds. This is, according to his own words, because Earth Land “doesn’t fit well with his previous body”.

Is Levy in love with gajeel?

With the end in sight, Gajeel confesses his love for Levy and the future that he dared to dream of, and how he’d gone so far as to even imagine a family. It was one of the most heartbreaking scenes of the series, but nothing in Fairy Tail is ever as it seems.

Who was the child panther lily saved?

4 SAVED MYSTOGAN Panther Lily found Mystogan, the Prince of Edolas, and saved his life, bringing him to Extalia.

Did Happy and Carla get together?

At first, Carla wanted nothing to do with the little blue cat, simply writing him off as a “Tomcat”, but after their time in Edolas and countless moments where Happy showed her his bravery, the two grew closer. Surprisingly though, they never become a couple.

Does Gajeel Like Levy?

Not only did Levy forgive Gajeel for what he did, and not only did Gajeel learn to like Levy, but their relationship becomes something quite special. As the story went on, Gajeel realized that he had fallen in love, and Levy returned the favor.

Does Gajeel come back?

Gajeel will definitely come back, because all the dragon slayers who came f… Gajeel will definitely come back, because all the dragon slayers who came from the 400years past by zeref have a major role to play in fighting Acnologia and Gajeel isn’t from the present era so it naturally becomes contradictory.

Are Gajeel and Levy together?

Gajeel and Levy Need to be Together. If you’re a fan of Fairy Tail, chances are you have one or several favorite pairings. One of the cutest and most promising couplings has to be Gajeel Redfox and Levy Mc Garden.

Is Gajeel good?

Gajeel is the perfect combination of bad-boy and good guy and Levy has a perfect balance of intelligence, beauty and a caring personality. And you can’t deny that there’s something super warm and fuzzy about a tiny, soft and cute girl being embraced and protected by metal and muscles!