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How many episodes of 1% of something are there?

How many episodes of 1% of something are there?

Something About 1 Percent/Number of episodes

What is the story of 1% of something?

1 Season, 16 episodes 1% of something plot focuses on the life of Lee Jae-in who is an arrogant man and is the heir of a wealthy family. But his life changes when he gets to know that he has to get married to someone to inherit the wealth of his grandfather.

Where do stars land Kdrama?

Where Stars Land (Korean: 여우각시별; RR: Yeougaksibyeol; lit. Fox Bride Star) is a South Korean television series starring Lee Je-hoon and Chae Soo-bin. It aired on SBS from October 1 to November 26, 2018 on Mondays and Tuesdays at 22:00 (KST) for 32 episodes.

What are Kdrama Osts?

Besides great onscreen chemistry between the cast and a well-written script, a successful drama has to have a solid official soundtrack, also known as an OST, as a finishing touch.

Can we watch Korean dramas in MX Player?

MX player has been releasing Hindi dubbed versions of Korean Dramas for sometime now and has one of the largest libraries of their Hindi dubbed versions. So, now you can watch these K-dramas without the language becoming a barrier for you to enjoy the series.

Will there be a what’s wrong with Secretary Kim Season 2?

Show consider as one of the best Korean television drama series What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim season welcomed with favorable reviews viewers. After the great success of season one, the second season of the show is expected.

Where do stars meet?

Where Stars Land
Genre Romance Melodrama
Written by Kang Eun-kyung
Directed by Shin Woo-chul
Starring Lee Je-hoon Chae Soo-bin Lee Dong-gun Kim Ji-soo

What does OSTs mean?

According to Urban Dictionary, the abbreviation OST means “original sound track.” Anime News Network states that an original soundtrack is the music that is used in a television show, motion picture, or live show. This can include background music, mood music, incidental music and opening and ending theme music.

What do you think of 1% of anything?

It’s yet another enjoyable hour of 1% of Anything, replete with kisses and a dance number, even. It’s as if everyone behind this show got together and asked themselves, “How do… At this point, Jae-in and Da-hyun have fallen so hard for one another that they begin to wish that they had started off as anything but a contract-relationship couple.

Who is the director of 1% of something?

But time brings about many changes and even the hardest of hearts can be made to soften, when given a chance. Based on the novel by Hyun Go Woon, “1% of Something” is a 2016 romantic comedy drama directed by Kang Cheol Woo.

What happens at the end of 1% of anything?

Trouble starts to brew as our couple is hit by misunderstanding after misunderstanding; most issues are neither Da-hyun nor Jae-in’s fault initially, but an unwillingness to take action just… Our heroine is fighting a losing battle against her feelings, while it seems our hero has stopped trying to fight his at all.

Who is Lee Jae in in 1% of something?

Growing up in a wealthy family, Lee Jae In (Ha Seok Jin) had the best of everything. As an adult he was smart, good looking, had a well-paying job, in short, it seemed like he had it all together.