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How is the Gerridae different from other bugs?

How is the Gerridae different from other bugs?

Consistent with the classification of the Gerridae as true bugs ( i.e., suborder Heteroptera ), gerrids have mouthparts evolved for piercing and sucking, and distinguish themselves by having the unusual ability to walk on water, making them pleuston (surface-living) animals.

How many generations does an adult Hemiptera have?

Their life cycle includes three stages – egg, nymph (which looks like a small adult) and adult. Most species produce 1 or 2 generations per year. A common feature of the order Hemiptera is the elongated beak (modified mouthparts) that projects from the head. When not feeding, it is mostly composed under the head.

Which is the longest pair of legs in a Gerridae?

The hind pair is the longest and is used for spreading weight over a large surface area, as well as steering the bug across the surface of the water. The front legs are attached just posterior to the eyes, while the middle legs are attached closer to the back legs which attach midthorax but extend beyond the terminal end of the body.

How many species of gerrids are there in the world?

They are anatomically built to transfer their weight to be able to run on top of the water’s surface. As a result, one could likely find water striders present in any pond, river, or lake. Over 1,700 species of gerrids have been described, 10% of them being marine.

What kind of food does a honey bee gerrid eat?

A group of water striders devouring a honey bee Gerrids are aquatic predators and feed on invertebrates, mainly spiders and insects, that fall onto the water surface. Water striders are attracted to this food source by ripples produced by the struggling prey.

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