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How is an orifice plate used to measure flow rate?

How is an orifice plate used to measure flow rate?

When an orifice plate is placed in a pipe carrying the fluid whose rate of flow is to be measured, the orifice plate causes a pressure drop which varies with the flow rate. This pressure drop is measured using a differential pressure transmitter and can be used to calculate the flow rate.

How is orifice flow measured?

An Orifice Meter is basically a type of flow meter used to measure the rate of flow of Liquid or Gas, especially Steam, using the Differential Pressure Measurement principle….Concentric Orifice Plate

  1. 1 – D/50 where, D = The pipe inside diameter.
  2. 2 – d/8 where, d = orifice bore diameter.
  3. 3 – (D-d)/8.

How accurate are orifice plate flow meters?

An orifice flowmeter is a very forgiving device and for most applications, with normal care in installation and instrumentation, the measurement accuracy is consistently better than ±1 %. If the measurement error is greater than ±1 %, one must look for obvious errors in installation and instruments.

Why do we use restriction orifice plate?

The restriction orifices are used for reducing fluid pressure and are designed somewhat different from the orifice plates that are used for measuring flow rates. They are designed to slip between the piping flanges.

What is an orifice plate?

An orifice plate is a thin plate with a hole in it, which is usually placed in a pipe. When a fluid (whether liquid or gaseous) passes through the orifice, its pressure builds up slightly upstream of the orifice but as the fluid is forced to converge to pass through the hole, the velocity increases and the fluid pressure decreases.

What is an orifice flow meter?

Introduction. An Orifice Meter is basically a type of flow meter which is used to measure the rate of flow fluids (mainly Liquids or Gases), using the Differential Pressure Measurement principle.

What is a flow orifice?

Flow Through Orifices. An orifice is an opening with a closed perimeter through which water flows. Orifices may have any shape, although they are usually round, square, or rectangular.

What are the different types of flow meter?

Differential Pressure Flow Meters. This type of flow meter relies on Bernoulli’s equation to judge the flow of fluids through a pipe.

  • Positive Displacement Flow Meters. These are also called mechanical flow meters.
  • Velocity Flow Meters.
  • Mass Flow Meters.
  • Open Channel Flow Meters.