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How do you install a Franklin stove?

How do you install a Franklin stove?

Stove Installation A Franklin wood burning stove must be installed at least 36 inches away from any combustible surface. Combustible surfaces include drywall, wood paneling and furniture. The stove must sit on top of a nonflammable surface as well. It cannot be placed directly on carpeting or wood floor.

How far does a wood stove need to be away from a wall?

36 inches
Wood frame walls covered with dry wall are considered combustible. If no wall protection is used, the common radiant-type stove or heater must be spaced out at least 36 inches from the wall.

What do you put on the wall behind a wood stove?

Brick and stone are a common materials to use behind a wood stove, while many stoves can be purchased with optional heat shields to help reduce clearances.

Can you install a wood burning stove yourself?

Installing a wood burner or multi-fuel stove is not something you should do yourself. An ill-fitted stove could result in it becoming a fire risk, but there’s also the potential for it to release lethal carbon monoxide into your home and create more pollution.

How do you attach a stove board to the wall?

Place wall Stove Board in position and drill 1/4” holes at marked locations around perimeter of shield, drilling at least 1” into the wall at the same time. Remove Stove Board and insert wall anchors into each hole. Re-position Stove Board and align holes.

Can you run stove pipe at an angle?

Why Angle Matters You should never install a completely horizontal stove pipe. Buildup of creosote can also block the stove pipe and cause smoke to back up into the room. A steep enough angle for the pipe will prevent creosote buildup inside the pipe and possibly prevent a house fire.

What’s the best way to install a wood stove?

Wood Stove Installation and Operation. Build a 3.5-inch thick brick masonry wall framed into the combustible wall, with a 12-inch minimum clearance from the clay liner to combustibles. Use a solid, insulated, listed factory-built chimney, with a 9-inch air space to combustibles. Use a 24-gauge

What are the features of a Franklin wood stove?

Franklin Wood Stove. Also referred to as a Pennsylvania fireplace or a circulating stove, the design used two distinctive features…..a hollow baffle and an inverted siphon to harness more of the fires heat when compared to an ordinary open fireplace. The inverted siphon is basically a U shaped flue that draws the hot burning gasses…

How did David Rittenhouse improve the Franklin wood stove?

Franklin Wood Stove. Franklin never patented his stove which allowed many others to improve on its design and ultimately make it more efficient and effective. The greatest improvement came in 1780 by David Rittenhouse which used an L shaped flue to vent smoke out through a chimney which made the stove become much more popular.

Can a Franklin wood stove be used as a planter?

Now, many homeowners have replaced these stoves with more modern, efficient, and safe wood stoves. In fact, most homeowners and professionals will agree a Franklin is better suited as an ornamental planter in your garden than a functioning stove.