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How do I view Pcbdoc?

How do I view Pcbdoc?

How to open file with PCBDOC extension?

  1. Download and install Altium Designer.
  2. Check the version of Altium Designer and update if needed.
  3. Set the default application to open PCBDOC files to Altium Designer.
  4. Verify that the PCBDOC is not faulty.

How do I get my Altium viewer license?

To create and obtain a Viewer License, click the Get Viewer License option at the bottom of the License Management page. The Viewer License Request dialog opens. Click the Create License button to create a Viewer License that is linked to your AltiumLive account.

How do I view 3D in Altium?

Panel Access

  1. To display the 3D Visualization panel, click the PCB button at the bottom-right of Altium Designer when the PCB Editor is active and select the 3D Visualization entry from the pop-up menu.
  2. You also can access the panel through the View » Workspace Panels » PCB » 3D Visualization sub-menu.

How can I see schematic and PCB in Altium?

The panel gives a view of the entire, compiled design, so will be blank until the project is compiled (Project » Compile PCB Project). The Navigator panel can be opened by clicking the button down the bottom right of the application. Use the Navigator panel as your view into the entire, compiled design.

How do I open DRL files online?

Programs that open DRL files

  1. Altium Designer.
  2. PentaLogix ViewMate.
  3. FreePCB.

What is Altium Designer Viewer?

The Altium Designer Viewer (henceforth also referred to as the Viewer) provides you with the ability to view, print, cross probe and explore design projects and documents that have been created using Altium Designer.

Does Altium have a free viewer?

Altium offers a free online BRD viewer powered by the Altium 365 platform, as well as a read-only viewer license for Altium Designer.

How do I see layers in Altium?

Click View » Panels » View Configuration. Click the button at the bottom-right of the workspace then select the View Configuration option. Click the color swatch on the Layer Sets control at the bottom left of the workspace. Press the L shortcut key to open the panel with the Layers & Colors tab displayed.

How do I check my Altium footprint?

View and Edit Footprints This is a list of footprints associated with the selected component on the Component List. Use the controls at the bottom of the region or the right-click menu commands to manipulate the footprints in the list. Click on a footprint to see a graphical view of that footprint in the region below.

What do you need to know about Altium Designer viewer?

Altium Designer Viewer. View, print, and cross-probe single documents or entire projects in one comprehensive interface. By providing all of your team members with secure, read-only access to your design documentation, it’s easier than ever to initiate a review process and get feedback on your design progress.

Where to find file based libraries in Altium?

To access these options, select the libraries menu button at the top right of the panel. Select the File-based Libraries Preferences command from the menu to open the Available File-based Libraries dialog, where you may view controls to add or remove libraries, install libraries, and specify library search paths.

How to highlight multiple nets in Altium Designer 21?

To highlight multiple nets, hold the Shift key as you Ctrl+Click on each net. Ctrl+Click in any free space to restore the display. Net highlighting can also be used dynamically, meaning that as you move the cursor over a net, it will be highlighted.

How many tabs are there in Altium dialog?

The Available File-based Libraries dialog has three tabs and is described in the following sections.