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How are metal forming processes used in manufacturing?

How are metal forming processes used in manufacturing?

Metal forming processes Metal forming: Large set of manufacturing processes in which the material is deformed plastically to take the shape of the die geometry. The tools used for such deformation are called die, punch etc. depending on the type of process. Plastic deformation: Stresses beyond yield strength of the workpiece material is required.

How is metal formed in the mandrel process?

The mandrel installed towards the billet movement di- rection allows to obtain the hollow product – the shell from which the tube is produced by means of the further processing. Forging is a widely used method of metal forming.

Why is it important to know metal forming rules?

The knowledge of metal forming rules permits to realize the forming at optimum deformation regimes and to use the appropriate main and auxiliary equipment. The variety of methods and kinds of metal forming permits produc- ing the wide range of metal products with high productivity, exact dimensions, required mechanical properties.

What are the most common problems in sheet metal forming?

Most problems in sheet metal forming come from a bad control of holding, restraining and springback.

Which is the best book for metal forming?

METAL FORMING The present book is recommended by the Ministry of education and science of Ukraine as a text-book for students of higher educational institutions studying along direction ”Metallurgy” Dnepropetrovsk NMetAU 2007 UDC 621.771 Danchenko V.N. Metal forming: text-book. – Dnepropetrovsk: NMetAU, 2007. – 183 p.

Which is the main method of making metal?

Metal forming is the main method of making metal products and semi-finished products. More than 90% of smelt- ed metal is processed by different methods of metal forming. Plastic properties of metals are used during the process of metal forming.

Which is the fundamental theory of metal forming?

– 183 с. The fundamental of metal forming theory, the theories of processes of rolling, forging and stamping as well as draw- ing and pressing (extrusion) have been given. The characteristics of the shop equipment for metal forming and technology of the main metal forming methods have been given in separate sections.