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Does Sheen have ADHD?

Does Sheen have ADHD?

The character of Sheen is best known for his hilarious hyperactive manic behavior and overbearing tone of voice. In the episode, “Beach Party Mummy”, it is suggested that Sheen might be on some form of medication and/or medicine (possibly ADHD, since he is hyperactive and has a really short attention span).

How old is Sheen Estevez?

Sheen Estevez
Age 15
Birthday October 11
Affiliations Mr. Nesmith The Emperor Aseefa Doppy
Occupation Supreme Royal Adviser

What is Sheen’s last name on Jimmy Neutron?

Sheen Estevez
Cast table

Character Voiced by The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron, Boy Genius
Sheen Estevez Jeffrey Garcia Main
Carl Wheezer Rob Paulsen Main
Doppy Doppweiler

Is Sheen actually smart?

Sheen Juarrera Estevez is one of Jimmy Neutron’s| closest best friends and one of the main protagonists in the television series. Sheen is actually smart, he is easily distracted. He managed to answer the math problem 7 X 7.

What race is Carl Wheezer?

He is also one of the kids who attends the campfire with Nick’s story being interrupted and ruined by Wendall scaring everyone, including him, who fainted….

Carl Wheezer
First Appearance Runaway Rocketboy!
Sex Male
Species Human
Eye Color Black

Does Cindy like Jimmy?

They have a love/hate relationship due to their criticism and competitiveness toward each other, but also secret admiration of each other as well. Though Cindy teases Jimmy and argues with him frequently, she does care about him and doesn’t like it when Jimmy is sad, and often goes to comfort him.