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Are Balsam Hill Christmas Trees good?

Are Balsam Hill Christmas Trees good?

If you grew up along the Atlantic Seaboard or in Florida, then the BH Fraser Fir. The BH Blue Spruce (a blue-green color) is pretty awesome, too. All three of these Balsam Hill Christmas trees are terrific for hanging lots of ornaments and are easy to “fluff” to be super full and lush.

Are Balsam Hill Christmas trees worth the money?

If only the best will do, the Balsam Hill Vermont White Spruce Flip Tree ($899+) is a worthy splurge, as this life-like tree features the brand’s “Flip” technology. The tree is mounted on a sturdy rolling base for easy storage. To set it up, you simply flip the tree over and put the lightweight top section in place.

Where are Balsamhill Christmas trees made?

Design Detail. A common question that’s asked is where Balsam Hill trees are made. Each of our Balsam Hill Christmas trees is conceived by our internal team in California, designed by our designers, and prototyped in our Research and Development (R&D) center in China before they are made by hand.

How long do the lights last on a Balsam Hill tree?

INCANDESCENT LIGHTS Traditional Christmas lights that cast a clear glow and have low initial costs. Offered in Clear, Multi, and Color + Clear™, our incandescent-lit trees use UL-Listed lights that last 3,300 hours or more.

What is Balsam Hill’s most popular tree?

The Most Popular Christmas Trees

  • Norway Spruce Christmas Tree.
  • Scotch Pine Christmas Tree.
  • Douglas Fir Christmas Tree.
  • Colorado Blue Spruce Christmas Tree.
  • Balsam Fir Christmas Tree.
  • Fraser Fir Christmas Tree.

Are Balsam Hill trees the best?

When it comes to realism, the best Balsam Hill Christmas trees are our Most Realistic ones. With our exclusive True Needle™ technology, we are able to replicate the branch design, color variations, and textures of real evergreens in nature.

Why does Balsam Hill give gloves?

Shaping Tips Wear the included shaping gloves to protect your hands. Consult the product photo of the tree during fluffing. Some trees are designed to have “upswept” or “downswept” branches, which you can recreate by angling the tips upward or downward.

Who owns Balsam Hill?

Mac Harman
Mac Harman (CLE 98-01) – founder and CEO of California-based Balsam Hill, a maker of high-end artificial Christmas trees, wreaths, and garlands – never thought he would start his own company.

What should I look for when buying an artificial Christmas tree?

7 Things to Look For In An Artificial Christmas Tree

  • The Right Size.
  • The Right Shape.
  • Pre-Decorated.
  • Types of Branches.
  • The Best Material.
  • Number of Attached Tips.
  • The Attached Stand.