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Are Azura and Ventura the same?

Are Azura and Ventura the same?

P&O Cruises’ ship Azura is a sister ship to Ventura and they are virtually identical. The main difference between the two ships is that Ventura has a covered pool whereas on Azura the pool is outside.

What is difference between Azura and Britannia?

It depends on the cabin category you intend booking, Britannia has only inside and balcony, Azura also has ocean view ones. All Britannias balconies are much smaller than Azura, especially C and D deck on Azura which have larger balconies although they are overlooked from above.

Has Azura been refurbished?

P&O Cruises Azura sets sail for a multimillion-pound refit in April 2020. After 10 years at the heart of the P&O Cruises fleet, the much-loved family favourite deserves a little TLC – and P&O Cruises are giving her the full treatment to get her ready for her seasons in the Mediterranean, the Baltic and the Caribbean.

When was Ventura last refurbished?

P&O Cruises Ventura Ship Information

Year Last Refurbished 2013
Capacity 3,200 passengers
Decks 16
Tonnage 116,017

Which deck is best on Azura?

We always choose C deck on Azura/Ventura….. I love the balconies… I prefer more room on the balcony than in the cabin and we are not fussed about having a bath. With C deck you have the choice of sitting privately in the shade or of being more ” exposed”.

Which is the largest P&O ship?

P&O Cruises is set to welcome its largest cruise ship, Iona, to the fleet in May 2020. The 180,000-tonne, 5,200-passenger ship is not only P&O Cruises’ largest ever vessel, but the biggest-ever ship purpose built for the UK market.

Did Azura get a refit in 2020?

In April 2020, Azura was set to receive an extensive multi-million-pound refit. This included an overhaul of the open decks incorporating an improved alfresco bar and food experiences, new canopies and deck furniture, and revitalised pool areas.

Does Ventura have a cinema?

Ventura’s two-tier theatre can accommodate around 800 people. During the day it often serves as a cinema and in the evening guests can see a variety of performances including comedians and West End style shows.

Are there balcony cabins on both Ventura and Azura?

The cabins are the same, of course – balcony cabins on both B & C decks are graded HA (mid-ships), HB (either side of that), HD (aft) and HE (forward). P&O have clearly taken the policy of not charging extra for the extra balcony space or of classifying the C deck cabins into a higher grade.

What’s the difference between Star Princess and Azura?

There are differences between Star Princess and Ventura/Azura, among which were the huge ‘shopping trolley handle’ across the stern of the ship at deck 15 or 16 level, and also the fact that the early ships had one deck less – they had no Riviera deck, So A deck came immediately underneath the Lido deck deck, as shown in the attached image.

Is the P & O Ventura a good ship?

Out of everyone who left a negative review of their cabin on Ventura, the thing which seemed to bother people the most was noise. Ventura is fairly old for a cruise ship (she was built in 2006) and so may not be quite as insulated as some of the more modern ships.

How many cabins are there on the Ventura Cruise?

During my research, I noted that the vast majority of people who have cruised on Ventura were very happy with their cabins. However, there are a few cabins on Ventura which you may want to avoid. Ventura has 1,555 cabins which can accommodate between 3,106 and 3,727 passengers, depending on how many extra beds are in use.