Why was Body of Proof discontinued?

Why was Body of Proof discontinued?

Cancelling Body Of Proof was a financial hit to sibling ABC Studios, which had incurred three seasons worth of deficits and was making a lot of money off the show internationally. Additionally, Body Of Proof had won the California tax credit lottery, helping keep its production costs manageable.

Is Body of Proof Cancelled?

On May 10, 2013, in spite of improved ratings, Body of Proof was cancelled by ABC after three seasons.

Why was Peter Dunlop killed in Body of Proof?

Peter Dunlop was played by Nicholas Bishop. In the season 2 finale, Mind Games, Peter is stabbed in the abdomen by a serial killer and is last seen bleeding in Megan’s arms. In the season 3 premiere Abducted, Part 1 it is revealed that he died from his wounds even after Megan tried to save his life.

Does Megan Hunt find her father’s killer?

Megan Hunt finally learned the truth. Dr. Hunt’s (Dana Delany) father didn’t commit suicide –he was murdered. Turns out, Angela Martin, the police chief, killed a woman for stealing her boyfriend 35 years ago and murdered Dr.

Do Megan Hunt and Tommy get together?

In the end, Megan lets Tommy know that she’s held the past against him for far too long, and they finally are together.

Who killed Megan’s father on Body of Proof?

Chief Angela Martin
Chief Angela Martin was the Chief of the Philadelphia Police Department, and was also later revealed to be the killer of Megan’s father in Daddy Issues, serving as the episode’s hidden main antagonist.

Is there going to be season 4 of body of proof?

Body Of Proof Season 4 – Why The Hit Dana Delany Series Was Cancelled Body Of Proof is an ABC medical drama starring Dana Dalany and Jeri Ryan, but here’s why the hit show didn’t get a fourth season. By Padraig Cotter Published Jun 05, 2020

Who are the cast members of body of proof?

Body Of Proof went through something of a facelift from season 2 to season 3, including the death of a major character, a new love interest for Hunt being introduced and cast members like John Carroll Lynch departing.

Why was the TV show body of proof cancelled?

The logic of canceling Body Of Proof, especially when most of the shows that filled its vacant slot failed, was brought up in a 2016 Deadline conversation with then ABC Entertainment president Channing Dungey, who admitted “ We have oft lamented the cancellation of Body of Proof, I’m not gonna lie.

What happens at the end of body of proof?

Turns out Hunt is something of a savant when it comes to examining bodies for evidence and passing her findings to the police, while she also works to make a relationship with the young daughter she barely knows.