Who is Non Supergirl?

Who is Non Supergirl?

star Chris Vance
CBS’ Supergirl has cast its Non. Transporter: The Series star Chris Vance has been tapped to recur on the freshman drama and play the DC Comics villain known as Non, The Hollywood Reporter has learned. The character is described as a former scientist in a league with the House of El.

How does Kara defeat Non?

Kara goes with them, bent on revenge for what Non did to her. She indeed finds Non about to blow up one of the servers and flies into him, smashing the surprised Non into the ground and brutally beating him for making her lose her family (which she met in her hallucinations) once again.

How strong is Non Superman?

Powers and abilities While on Earth in the Superman II movie, Non had superhuman strength, virtual invulnerability, superhuman speed, flight, marginal heat vision, and super breath. Non stands at 6’6″ and is exceptionally muscled which further augments his superhuman strength to a degree.

Who was the actor who played non in Superman?

Non is a fictional supervillain appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics. He first appeared in the 1978 film Superman: The Movie portrayed by actor and former boxer Jack O’Halloran.

Who is the enemy of Superman in the movie?

Non is an enemy of Superman. He was portrayed in the films Superman: The Movie and Superman II by Jack O’Halloran. In most depictions, he’s mainly a silent type, and a strongman. Along with Ursa, he fills out the Zod Trio, a trio of Zod and his disciples.

Who are the villains in the Superman comics?

When Lex Luthor gained control of Intergang after Morgan Edge’s short-lived attempt to regain the spot, Luthor retained Moxie as a figurehead. Moxie and his lieutenants were later captured by Superman himself. There’s some suggestion that maybe Superboy-Prime killed Moxie by snapping his neck during the second Crisis.

Who is the bad guy in Superman 2?

Non is a Kryptonian criminal, and one of Zod ‘s gang and a main antagonist of the Superman universe, most prominently in Superman II . Of the three, he is the biggest, and also the stupidest. He never talks, only making inhuman groans. He was portrayed by Jack O’Halloran.