What is the difference between Pez and pescado?

What is the difference between Pez and pescado?

Pez is an animal, or the fish that you catch by completing the verb pescar. Once a fish has been caught however, it has been pescado (which is the the past participle of pescar) and becomes un pescado (the name for the fish).

How do you say fish in Spanish plural?

In spanish, sometimes we use two different words for fish, if the poor animal has been fished -and it is out of the water, lol- we call it “pescado”, the plural of that noun is “pescados”.

Is Peces masculine or feminine in Spanish?

The fish: El pez (singular) – Los peces (plural)

What are Peces?

Peces is the debut album by the Chilean rock band Lucybell, released in 1995. It was an immediate commercial and critical success in Chile, having followed on the heels of singles “De Sudor Y Ternura”, “Vete” and the popular “Cuando Respiro en tu Boca”.

How do you say fish in Chinese?

Vowel sounds can be especially troublesome….Tricky vowel sounds.

Vowel English Equivalent Example in Chinese
u Like the “oo” sound in moon or group. lù (street) bù (no; not)
ü Someone once said it is like saying an “ee” through an “oo” hole. Only j, x, q, and y. yú (fish) yŭ (rain) qù (go)

Is El Agua masculine or feminine?

Agua is feminine, however, because of this pronunciation issue with the two vowels side-by-side, it’s actually ‘el agua’. Since it is truly feminine, the phrase ‘el agua pura’ is correct. Pura needs to be in the feminine form because agua is feminine, but you’ll use to masculine article el to break the double vowels.

What vegetables are popular in Spain?

What to eat in Spain? 10 Most Popular Spanish Vegetables

  • Garlic. Ajo Morado de Las Pedroñeras. Province of Albacete.
  • Potato. Pataca de Galicia.
  • Peppers. Pimientos del Piquillo de Lodosa.
  • Onion. Cebolla Fuentes de Ebro.
  • Tomato. Tomate La Cañada.
  • Artichoke. Alcachofa de Tudela.
  • Scallion. Calçot de Valls.
  • Bell Pepper. Pementos de Padrón.