What happened to Lindley Dodson?

What happened to Lindley Dodson?

Lindley Dodson was found dead inside the pediatric office after a SWAT team breached the doors of the building, ending a 6-hour standoff. She was a pediatrician at the office operated by Ascension Seton Dell Children’s Medical Center.

Who is Lindley Dodson married to?

Frederick Drew Dodson
Born June 30, 1977, Lindley attended St. James Episcopal Day School and was a 1995 graduate of Episcopal High School of Baton Rouge and a 1999 magna cum laude graduate in chemistry of Washington and Lee University, where she met her husband, Frederick Drew Dodson. Lindley dedicated her life to helping children.

What happened to Austin pediatrician?

Doctor took hostages, killed pediatrician in murder-suicide at Austin doctor’s office. AUSTIN, Texas — The Austin Police Department says an hours-long SWAT standoff at a Central Austin pediatric doctor’s office that ended with two people dead began when the gunman, himself a doctor, took hostages in the office.

Who killed the pediatrician in Austin Texas?

Lindley Dodson
LOS ANGELES — Days after Austin police identified Dr. Bharat Narumanchi as the man behind a hostage standoff in Central Austin that ended in his suicide and the death of pediatrician Dr. Lindley Dodson, a 43-year-old mother of three, his exact motives are still unknown.

Who killed Dodson?

Bharat Narumanchi
Bharat Narumanchi, also 43 years old. Narumanchi, along with Dodson, died in the reported hostage situation. Police said that Narumanchi killed Dodson before killing himself.

Where was Bharat Narumanchi born?

New Haven, Connecticut
Bharat was born in New Haven, Connecticut, on August 10, 1977, to Smt. Radha Bhavatarini Devi and Professor Radha Ramana Murty Narumanchi, who had immigrated from India in 1972.

Who was Bharat Narumanchi?

Bharat was the grandson of Sri Narumanchi Srirama Murty and great-grandson of Sri Narumanchi Narayana Murty from Tenali, Guntur District, Andhra Pradesh, India.

WHO IS DR Narumanchi?

Dr. Bharat Narumanchi was named by Austin, Texas, police as the doctor who barged into a medical office and took hostages at gunpoint before killing a fellow pediatrician on Tuesday, January 26, 2021. The 43-year-old Narumanchi was found by police dead of an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound, authorities said.

Who killed Dr Lindley?

Four days later, Narumanchi returned to the office, only this time with two duffel bags and two firearms that he used to hold five employees at gunpoint before killing one of the office partners, Dr. Lindley Dodson.

Who killed Katherine Lindley Dodson?

Dr. Bharat Narumanchi
Katherine Lindley Dodson was killed in a hostage standoff Tuesday at a the Children’s Medical Group office in Central Austin. Her killer, 43-year-old Dr. Bharat Narumanchi–who reportedly had terminal cancer–also turned the gun on himself.

Who was Lindley Lindley’s boyfriend in the movie?

Inside, she greeted Lindley and her boyfriend, Alonzo Turner. Chance knew the couple had gone through trouble in the past, and something seemed off between them now — it just wasn’t clear what. Then Turner stepped outside and dragged Titches into the living room.

Who was arrested for the murder of Lindley titches?

Turner snatched the boy from her arms and, still holding the boy, slammed the door shut on Lindley and Chance, locking them outside. Stunned, they withdrew to figure out what to do. By the end of the day, Titches would be dead, and Turner would be arrested for his murder.

Why did Lindley Turner get 45 years in prison?

Her sentence: 45 years in prison. Lindley’s case exposes what many battered women’s advocates say is a grotesque injustice. As is common in families terrorized by a violent man, there were two victims in the Lindley-Turner home: mother and child. Both Lindley and Titches had suffered beatings for months.