What does Cusu stand for?

What does Cusu stand for?


Acronym Definition
CUSU Cambridge University Students’ Union
CUSU Chinese University Students’ Union (Hong Kong Sar, China)
CUSU Coventry University Students’ Union

How many societies does Cambridge have?

Did you know that there are over 500 clubs and societies at Cambridge? Getting involved with societies is one of the best things about being a student – it can hands down give you some of the best experiences of your university life.

What is the prettiest college in Cambridge?

1. King’s College. There was no question which College should be on the top of our list. Not only is King’s stunningly beautiful, with the most recognisable building in Cambridge – King’s College Chapel – but it is also centrally located and full of fascinating history.

What is the cheapest college in Cambridge?

Catz is the cheapest college, with a minute £179 weekly cost.

Does Cambridge have a secret society?

The Apostles is a secret society of Cambridge University members that meets to discuss and debate such topics as truth, God, and ethics. The group, also known as the Cambridge Conversazione Society, was founded in 1820 by George Tomlinson.

Are there sororities at Cambridge?

Four sororities—Alpha Phi, Kappa Alpha Theta, Delta Gamma, and Kappa Kappa Gamma—currently operate Cambridge chapters. “Bid day”—the day on which participants receive their offers from sororities, known as “bids”—will take place Feb. 1, she said.

Can you visit Cambridge colleges at the moment?

The College is open to visitors and tourists all year round at the following times. Tourist access is through the Great Gate in St John’s Street only.

Which Cambridge College has the highest acceptance rate?

Churchill College
Figures released by the University of Cambridge reveal that Churchill College admitted the highest proportion of all of the Cambridge’s colleges last year, with 76.5% of its 2017 intake coming from state education.

What is the Cambridge equivalent of Bullingdon Club?

The University Pitt Club, popularly referred to as the Pitt Club, the UPC, or merely as Club, is a private members’ club of the University of Cambridge, with a previously male-only membership but now open to both men and women.

How do you get into the Cambridge Apostles?

Undergraduates apply to become angels after graduating or being awarded a fellowship. Every few years, amid great secrecy, all the angels are invited to an Apostles’ dinner at a Cambridge college. There used to be an annual dinner, usually held in London.

Who is the student Rep Coordinator at CUSU?

CUSU’s Student Rep Coordinator is available to help you with any issues or questions you may have about your society (outside of the Proctors ). Get in touch via [email protected] to talk!

How can I get in touch with CUSU?

Get in touch via [email protected] to talk! We also have many services available for societies to access, which allow you to promote your society, use our facilities and get support from CUSU staff. Below are some lists of what we have to offer! List your event on the website for everyone to find.

Can a sixth form student Shadow a CUSU student?

The annual CUSU Shadowing Scheme enables potential Sixth Form students (Year 12 – England and Wales; S5 – Scotland; Year 13 – Northern Ireland) and mature students to experience University of Cambridge student life first hand.

How can I promote my club at CUSU?

Below are some lists of what we have to offer! List your event on the website for everyone to find. Give your society a main hub for information, social media links and events which everyone can find. Advertise in TCS to reach a bigger audience. Let us know if there’s anything you want to tell all students about in our weekly bulletin.