What are some good open source projects?

What are some good open source projects?

7 Open Source Projects We Love

  • Apache Cassandra.
  • TensorFlow.
  • Renovate.
  • Kubernetes.
  • Ansibl.
  • Geany.
  • Django.

Which projects use Golang?

Golang examples – The 7 biggest companies using Golang

  1. Google. Golang was designed by Google engineers and is often used there for internal projects.
  2. Uber. One of the biggest companies using Golang is Uber.
  3. Twitch. In Twitch, Go is used for the most-loaded systems.
  4. Dailymotion.
  5. SendGrid.
  6. Dropbox.
  7. SoundCloud.

What are examples of open source projects?

What are some examples of OSS?

  • GNU/Linux.
  • Mozilla Firefox.
  • VLC media player.
  • SugarCRM.
  • GIMP.
  • VNC.
  • Apache web server.
  • LibreOffice.

Are open source projects good?

Conclusion. Open source projects bring many benefits to those who participate in them, and such experience is great for your CV. By joining a community of like-minded people and polishing up your skills, you can give yourself a step up as an aspiring developer.

Does Google use Golang?

Go was publicly announced in November 2009, and version 1.0 was released in March 2012. Go is widely used in production at Google and in many other organizations and open-source projects.

Is Kubernetes written in Golang?

Kubernetes was created by Google and written mostly in Google’s Go programming language. “While there have been many stories about using Rust for systems-level programming, you don’t often hear stories about cloud software or Kubernetes software being written in Rust.

Is open-source free?

As mentioned above, the OSI’s definition of open source software is “free” in the sense of giving freedom to those who use it. So in the most common way of thinking, where “free” means no upfront cost to use, modify, or distribute, the answer is yes: the software is free.

Are there any open source projects that are written in go?

If Docker is written in Go, it stands to reason that other significant cloud-oriented container projects would also be written in Go. Kubernetes, Google’s container orchestration project, is a Go project, as are most of the Kubernetes subcomponents and ecosystem.

Is there a go report card on GitHub?

Our team built a project called Go Report Card, and it aims to rate the quality of any open source Go project on Github. The tool uses various other Go tools: gofmt -s to judge basic formatting, go vet to check for suspicious constructs, gocyclo to measure the cyclomatic complexity of the code, and so on.

Which is the best open source tool for go?

GoReplay is an open-source tool for capturing and replaying live HTTP traffic into a test environment in order to continuously test your system with real data. It can be used to increase confidence in code deployments, configuration changes and infrastructure changes. The Go language implementation of gRPC.

Are there any good go projects on GitHub?

Right now, we have checked 276 of the most popular Go repositories on Github. In order to find the projects of highest quality, I selected the ones with at least 100 Go files, and ordered them by their rating. Here are the results: A lot of these are indeed fantastic projects.