Is University of Brighton good for art?

Is University of Brighton good for art?

Art and design at Brighton is in the top 13 in the UK and in the top 100 globally by the QS World University Rankings 2020.

What should be included in a university portfolio?

What should my portfolio contain? Depending on the subject you want to study, your portfolio might contain sketches and paintings, digital art and design, photography, fabric swatches or patterns. It might also contain sound work, musical compositions, short films, or even essays and creative writing.

How do I make a university portfolio?

Here are our top 10 tips for anyone preparing a portfolio for university:

  1. Think carefully about what to include.
  2. Choose how best to present your work.
  3. You may need to go digital.
  4. Tell them a story.
  5. Consider the details.
  6. Remember the basics.
  7. Think practically.
  8. Include written work.

Where do I Send my University of Brighton portfolio?

Once you have applied through UCAS we’ll email you your University of Brighton username and password which means you can access Student View to manage your application, including sending us your portfolio. You’ll find the full advice about the kinds of work to provide, the format and any time-frames you need to meet.

Why do you want to study illustration at Brighton?

The Illustration degree at Brighton enjoys a reputation for producing artists who are confident in using their own creative voice and who work in an extremely diverse range of styles. This course celebrates both the traditional and the contemporary, exploring what illustration could be, not just what it is.

What should my illustration portfolio look like on my website?

As we covered earlier in our guide to creating a professional photography website (and much of the advice there applies to illustration), you’ll want your portfolio to lead people back to your house; a one-stop shop featuring all of the good stuff, and a place which makes it very easy to get in contact with you.

What makes a good header for an illustration portfolio?

Small thumbnails for each project makes it easy to get an overview of the portfolio and navigate between projects. A header and logo that matches Lydia’s art style is also a nice touch. I especially adore one of her animations looping on the homepage, it adds so much life to the portfolio, I’m also a sucker for animations so it could just be that.