Is Ile the same as CGSC?

Is Ile the same as CGSC?

ILE is part of the Command and General Staff Officers Course, which includes completion of the common core curriculum and required career field, branch, and functional area training and education. This year’s class graduated officers from both the active duty and reserve component and one Army civilian.

What is command and general staff course?

The Command and Staff College is a ten-month program for majors, lieutenant commanders, and U.S. government civilian professionals that fulfills Joint Professional Military Education Phase I requirements. Students have the option of completing the requirements for a Master of Military Studies (MMS) degree.

What is an MMAS degree?

MASTER OF MILITARY ART AND SCIENCE DEGREE PROGRAM THE MASTER OF MILITARY ART AND SCIENCE DEGREE. Legislation enacted by the 93rd Congress, 31 July 1974, authorized the U.S. Army. Command and General Staff College (CGSC) to award the degree, Master of Military Art and. Science (MMAS).

What is Army Command Staff?

Mission. The US Army Command and General Staff College educates, trains and develops leaders for Unified Land Operations in a Joint, Interagency, Intergovernmental , and Multinational operational environment; and advances the art and science of the profession of arms in support of Army operational requirements.

What is the General Staff of the Army?

General staff, in the military, a group of officers that assists the commander of a division or larger unit by formulating and disseminating his policies, transmitting his orders, and overseeing their execution. Normally a general staff is organized along functional lines, with separate sections for administration,…

What are the General Orders for the Army?

Army General Orders. The Army General Orders are the basic outline of orders to be followed when in the absence of more specific orders. The three Army general orders cover what your duties are on a day to day basis. You must maintain your assigned duties, quitting only when properly relieved, and performing everything in a military manner…