How old is Lloyd Robertson CTV News?

How old is Lloyd Robertson CTV News?

87 years (19 January 1934)
Lloyd Robertson/Age

Where does Lloyd Robertson live now?

We couldn’t be farther from a TV studio as we trek around the lush grounds of the Swan Lake community in Markham, Ont., where Robertson has lived with his wife, Nancy, since 1997. We wander through thick greenery, over footbridges and around a serene pond at the centre of the property.

Is Lloyd Robertson still working?

Lloyd Robertson, OC (born January 19, 1934) is a Canadian journalist and former news anchor who is special correspondent on CTV’s weekly magazine series, W5….

Lloyd Robertson
Nationality Canadian
Other names Canada’s Most Trusted News Anchor
Occupation News anchor
Years active 1952 – present

Who took over for Lloyd Robertson?

Lisa LaFlamme
Lisa LaFlamme is to succeed Lloyd Robertson as CTV National News anchor, the network announced Friday.

Who was the news anchor before Lloyd Robertson?

Jennings left for ABC News in 1964, and Harvey Kirck, Jennings’ co-anchor since 1963, became the newscast’s sole anchor. In 1976, CTV National News scored a major coup by hiring Lloyd Robertson, anchor of CBC’s The National, as co-anchor with Kirck.

Did Lisa LaFlamme let her hair go GREY?

LaFlamme could have easily sprayed her roots with a shot of Magic Root Cover Up, or Ms. Longoria’s home-colouring kit, but instead decided to let her grey flag fly, and in doing so she somehow earned even more of my trust and respect.

How old is Lloyd Robertson of CTV News?

Eighty-two years old Lloyd Robertson is a Canadian journalist and retired news anchor. He is a special correspondent on CTV’s weekly series, W5. Robertson served as the chief anchor and senior editor of CTV’s national newscast ‘CTV News with Lloyd Robertson’ until September 2011. He then retired from the CTV National News team.

Where did Lloyd Robertson start his broadcasting career?

Robertson began his broadcasting career in 1952 at CJCS radio in his hometown of Stratford and then joined CJOY in Guelph in 1953. After moving into television in 1954 with CBC in Windsor, Robertson spent four years (1956-’60) in Winnipeg and two years in Ottawa (1960-’62). He went on to anchor CBC’s national news from 1970 to 1976.

Where was Lloyd Robertson born and raised in Canada?

Lloyd was born on January 19, 1934, in Stratford, Ontario, Canada. Lloyd is a son of George Henderson and Lilly Frances. His father had eight children with his first wife after she died.

What kind of events did Lloyd Robertson cover?

Lloyd Robertson has covered many major events throughout his career. Some of the events are 1967 opening of Expo 67, the 1969 Moon landing, and Olympic Games. While on the scene, he has covered Berlin wall’s construction and the death of four retired prime ministers of Canada. He belongs to Canadian nationality and his ethnicity is white.