How much is a ticket to the Queen Mary?

How much is a ticket to the Queen Mary?

Queen Mary 2 cruise prices on Transatlantic Crossings

Staterooms Categories Discount Prices Old/Brochure Prices
Balcony Room $800 $2,000
Club Balcony Room $2,300 $2,500
Princess Grill Room $3,000 $3,650
Queens Grill Room $4,000 $4,850.

Is the Queen Mary open for tours 2021?

Is the Queen Mary open? No, the Queen Mary is temporarily closed due to COVID-19.

Where is the haunted Queen Mary ship located?

Long Beach
The Queen Mary, a ship that was converted into a hotel and permanently docked in Long Beach, California, is as stately as they come. But don’t let its lush appearance fool you; it also happens to be one of the most haunted hotels in America.

Can you visit the Queen Mary for free?

Queen Mary is open daily. You don’t need reservations for a simple visit or tour, but you might need them for some of their seasonal and special activities. You can find their hours, ticket options and event information on this page. They charge an admission fee and parking is extra.

How long does it take to tour the Queen Mary?

The tour takes approximately 2 hours to explore various rooms or compartments seldom seen by the general public while famous stories and legends are shared about some of the past passengers aboard the legendary ocean liner. While the tour is not meant to scare you, some locations may be too dark for younger guests.

Can you still go on the Queen Mary?

All guests onboard the Queen Mary are required to have an ADMISSION TICKET, ROOM KEY, or RESTAURANT RESERVATION. WHAT ARE THE OPERATING HOURS OF THE ATTRACTIONS? Most historic exhibits are open daily from 10AM to 7PM. Guided tours tend to fall within that same time frame with the exception of night tours.

How many have died on the Queen Mary?

During her career, she completed many transatlantic voyages and also played a big part in world war two. The Queen Mary is now a floating hotel in Long Beach, California….At least 41 Passengers Died Onboard The Queen Mary.

Year of Death Passengers Name Cause of Death
1937 Mr. P Chapman Natural Causes
1937 Unknown Unknown

Why is the Queen Mary so famous?

The Queen Mary had set a new benchmark in transatlantic travel, which the rich and famous considered as the only civilized way to travel. She quickly seized the hearts and imaginations of the public on both sides of the Atlantic, representing the spirit of an era known for its elegance, class and style.

Does the Queen Mary have a casino?

There is a casino on board each Cunard ship. Queen Mary 2 offers Roulette, Blackjack, Three card poker, and Heads up Texas Hold’em – a house-banked casino game played against the dealer – as well as about 100 slot machines.