How much does a full bottle of signature cost?

How much does a full bottle of signature cost?

Signature Whiskey Price

Unit Details Price INR
Signature Premier Grain Whisky 750 ML 920
Signature Premier Grain Whisky 375 ML 478
Signature Premier Grain Whisky 180 ML 238
Signature Rare Aged Whisky 750 ML 1100

How much is a signature?

Signature Whisky Price in Bangalore

Name Location Price
Signature Whisky Bangalore Rs. 704
Signature Whisky Bangalore Rs. 1407
Signature Whisky Bangalore Rs. 1298

Is signature a good Whisky?

Blenders Pride whisky is a terrific blended whisky brands in India with an impressive fruity smoothness that is rarely found at a reasonable price. Signature too is a smooth blended whisky but suffers when it comes to possessing a tantalizing nose, a crucial factor for a serious whisky drinker.

Which is cheapest Whisky in Mumbai?

If you’re a budget, try these Indian whisky brands under ₹1000

  • Bagpiper Deluxe. Bagpiper.
  • Imperial Blue Superior Grain. Imperial Blue.
  • DSP Black Deluxe. DSP Black Deluxe.
  • Eight PM. 8PM.
  • McDowell’s Platinum. McDowell’s Platinum.
  • Royal Stag Deluxe. Royal Stag Deluxe.
  • Officer’s Choice Blue.

Is Signature a Scotch Whisky?

Signature is a blend of imported Scotch whisky and locally produced products….Signature (whisky)

Type Indian whisky
Alcohol by volume 42.8%
Colour Bright amber
Ingredients aged Indian malt aged Scotch whisky
Variants Signature Rare Aged Signature Premier Grain

What is the price of signature Whisky in UP?

Signature Whisky Price in UP

Name Location Price
Signature Whisky UP Rs. 238
Signature Whisky UP Rs. 478
Signature Whisky UP Rs. 920