How much boost can a 20G turbo handle?

How much boost can a 20G turbo handle?

You should be able to push the 20g to more than 20 psi.

What is a 20G Turbo?

The COBB 20G is an ideal turbo upgrade for those looking to increase the top-end power of their STI while maintaining low and mid-range response. Capable of producing 400hp and retaining excellent throttle response, the COBB 20G is a perfect turbocharger for street or track use! -Single Scroll exhaust housing.

What kind of turbo does an STI have?

The Subaru WRX STI benefits from a turbocharged 2.5L 4-cylinder SUBARU BOXER®, which creates raw power fused with complete poise, on the road and on the track.

What does G mean turbo?

As far as I can tell the xxG refers to the compressor wheel, with the number designating the size and the letter (in your question, the “G”) designating the blade configuration. In this case the “G” means that blade length alternates, it is not even; however, “T” also means that blade length alternates.

What is the biggest Garrett Turbo?

Garrett GTX 5533R Gen II turbocharger
Honeywell announces the release of the Honeywell Garrett GTX 5533R Gen II turbocharger, its most powerful turbo ever produced. The GTX 5533R Gen II turbocharger features brand new and highly advanced GTX compressor wheel technology in a large frame turbo producing 1,000 to 2,500 horsepower.

Which is the best turbo kit for GReddy?

GReddy Performance Products is proud to add the full line of Turbo by Garrett GTX-R turbochargers to our GReddy/Mitsubishi line-up. With more options to better match the ideal turbocharger (s) to each specific application, look for more aggressive turbo kits from the GPP Turbo Kit line.

What kind of engine does a GReddy T78 have?

Type: Large single GReddy/MHI T78 or T88 SPL turbocharger upgrade with stainless-steel exhaust manifold, extenturnal type wastegate, down pipe, dual Airinx intake conversion and necessary hardware. *For competition (race) use ONLY. Check legality of aftermarket products with your local state, county, city authorities before purchasing.

What kind of boost controller does GReddy use?

PRofec Bspec2 boost controllers – Back in stock! Circuit Spec SST Cooler Kit – Mit. Evolution X (CZ4A) Circuit Spec Oil Cooler Kit – Mit. Evolution X (CZ4A) Aluminum Suction Kit – Mit. Evolution X (CZ4A) Go to @greddyperformance Instagram to enter… ShopGreddy Exclusives – GReddy Nobori Flags, Socks, Masks, Decals and Air Fresheners…

What are the latest products from GReddy Performance?

Greddy Performance Products RS-RACE – Now Available! Boost Brigade by GReddy 2015 Fall Collection – original Tees, Snap-backs, Hoodies, Jackets, accessories and more…