How many ohms should a ignitor have?

How many ohms should a ignitor have?

Resistance should be between 37-68 ohms. If the igniter and the surrounding air are at about 70°F and the igniter wires are not connected to any other electrical components, the resistance of the igniter should not exceed 75 ohms. If it does, the igniter should be replaced.

How many volts is a furnace ignitor?

Supply Volts Most hot surface ignitors work off of 120 volts. However, there are a few out there that work off of 240 volts. The Honeywell SmartValve Hot Surface Pilot Ignition uses 24 volts.

Can you test a furnace ignitor?

Test The Ignitor With A Multimeter Set a multimeter to the lowest possible resistance test and place the probes onto tips of the plug for the ignitor. If the multimeter shows infinity or stays at zero, the ignitor no longer works and must be replaced.

Why igniter has no power?

On most furnaces the ignitor will not glow unless all the safety controls (limit, rollout switch/switches, pressure switch) are closed. If a limit or rollout switch is open, you can have an overheating problem and a possible dangerous condition. You may need to replace the limit switch or rollout switch.

How many amps does a furnace ignitor use?

Check the amp draw of the igniter; amperage should not exceed 4.75 A.

How do you know if your furnace ignitor is bad?

Your furnace won’t run: The most obvious sign that your ignitor is bad is that it won’t ignite, and this generally manifests itself in your furnace failing to run when you activate it.

Is the resistance of an ignitor always on or off?

They are usually all on or off. Also, keep in mind, the resistance goes down the hotter the ignitor and resistance climbs as the ignitor cools off. Yes as AJ stated 1200 ohm across , 600 ohm to ground + or – 10% .

How many ohms are in Weil McLain surelight ignitors?

1200 ohms spring to spring, 600 ohms spring to ground. The ignitors I see the most are about 100 ohms. The Weil McLain ignitors I believe are about 200 ohms. I don’t know about the “Surelight” ignitors from Lennox. I think the 24 volt smart ignitors are about 20 ohms. All measurements are made from terminal to terminal.

What to do if your oil burner Ignitor is bad?

Make sure the oil burner motor is disconected. Set the springs to a half inch gap and start the burner, then jump out FF. If at any time during a 5 minute duty the miliamps drops below 800 the ignitor is bad. Im pretty sure its 800.