How does ImageNow work?

How does ImageNow work?

How ImageNow works is quite simple — documents are captured into the system and stored electronically on a central server. Once they have been captured they are inspected for quality and indexed with document keys so they can be easily searched and retrieved.

How do I print to perceptive content?

Log into the desktop client version of Perceptive Content imaging software, and minimize the window. Switch over to the document you want to import into Perceptive Content imaging software, and Open it. From that document’s menu of options, click File, and choose the Print option.

What is perceptive content?

Formerly ImageNow by Perceptive Software, Perceptive Content is the document imaging system used by Grand Rapids Community College. Perceptive Content works by capturing documents electronically and storing them on a central server.

What is ImageNow client?

ImageNow is a document imaging system used to electronically store and retrieve images of documents. ImageNow is available in a client version that is necessary for inputting documents into the system, as well as a web version (known as WebNow) that can be used for viewing/read-only purposes.

What is perceptive content ImageNow?

Perceptive Content (formerly known as ImageNow) is a full enterprise content management (ECM) and workflow suite used to handle various content types and put them in proper context of an area’s process or need. There are a number of tools for annotating documents, as well as routing documents within workflow if needed.

What is the current version of perceptive content?

Today, the topic is the much-anticipated release of Perceptive Content, formally known as ImageNow, 7.3, and the release of Perceptive Experience Content apps version 3.0, as well as why you may consider upgrading soon.

What is image now used for?

What is perceptive content used for?

Perceptive Content allows users to efficiently capture and organize various types of documents then retrieve a precise page instantly from within any business application.

Who makes ImageNow?

Lexmark International Technology SA
CaptureNow, ImageNow, Interact, and WebNow are trademarks of Lexmark International Technology SA, registered in the U.S. and other countries. Perceptive Software is a stand-alone business unit within Lexmark International Technology SA.

How do I download perceptive content?

Installation Instructions

  1. Download the 7.3 Perceptive Content Client from the UVA Software Gateway.
  2. Click on Perceptive Content.
  3. Log in via NetBadge.
  4. Accept the terms of use and click the Submit button.
  5. Click Download Now.
  6. Navigate to the PerceptiveContent73Installer downloaded on your machine.