How do you get from Hilton Head to Daufuskie Island?

How do you get from Hilton Head to Daufuskie Island?

If you need to get to Daufuskie Island from Hilton Head, Daufuskie Island Ferry is a comfortable, one hour trip in an enclosed, air conditioned ferry with an outdoor deck. Departing from Buckingham Landing at the base of the Hilton Head bridge, the Daufuskie Island Ferry takes you through Calibogue Sound to Daufuskie.

Can you walk Daufuskie Island?

Discover Daufuskie Island’s historic sites during a walking tour, or simply stroll around the island’s rustic roads and immerse yourself in Lowcountry mystique.

How do you get on and off Daufuskie Island SC?

Since Daufuskie Island is accessible only by boat or passenger ferry from Hilton Head Island and Bluffton, getting here is part of the fun! Don’t worry about transportation once you arrive, however.

Is there a ferry from Savannah to Daufuskie Island?

A new ferry service, offering daily routes between Daufuskie Island and Savannah’s River Street, has launched. The Daufuskie Difference — formerly known as Calibogue Cruises Tours & Adventures — started the routes on June 15. It is the only scheduled daily route from Savannah to the island.

Is Daufuskie Island worth visiting?

Daufuskie Island is a must see. You can take boats from Broad Creek and Harbour Town that take you there. There are no cars on the Island, but you can tour by golf cart. There are two nice golf courses that serve food and two interesting restaurants.

Are there wild horses on Daufuskie Island?

Daufuskie is a native habitat for the Marsh Tacky and one of the only places left in the Lowcountry where the horses exist in that habitat. Today there are fewer than 400 of the horses left on the planet.

Is there a ferry from Hilton Head to Daufuskie?

Experience the Daufuskie Difference during your next Hilton Head Island Vacation! We’ve been carrying tourists and travelers to Daufuskie Island longer than any other operation in the Lowcountry!

Where is the Dolphin tour from Daufuskie Island?

MOST POPULAR DOLPHIN TOUR on Hilton Head! JOIN US ON THE MOST POPULAR DOLPHIN TOUR TO DAUFUSKIE! Dolphin Watch Tours depart from Broad Creek 7-days a week at 9am. You MUST reserve tickets in advance.

Is there a wick Scurry book on Daufuskie Island?

For the first time ever, WICK’S & JAKE’S DAUFUSKIE ISLAND, by Wick Scurry is available for purchase online. This book is the one you’ll want to be sure you bring home the first time that you visit. If you are joining us for a history tour on Daufuskie Island, sometimes Wick will actually be your Tour Guide for the day.

Do you have to wear face mask on ferry ride to Daufuskie?

COVID-19 Update – Daufuskie Island Ferry is requiring all riders to wear face masks for the duration of the ride and use hand sanitizer upon boarding. All carts and check-in items are sanitized between uses and spaced appropriately to encourage social distancing.