How do I get my GED in Brooklyn?

How do I get my GED in Brooklyn?

GED and PRE-GED Classes

  1. Brooklyn Adult Learning Center– 718-638-2635.
  2. Brooklyn Public Library – 718-230-2100.
  3. Dreams YouthBuild – 212-265-6530.
  4. Referral Centers for High School Alternatives.
  5. SCO New Horizons – 718-455-1166.

Does Brooklyn College have GED programs?

The Brooklyn College Adult Literacy Program provides free classes to all New York state residents who are at least 18 years old. We offer two programs: High School Equivalency (GED) classes that will help you prepare for the TASC Exam.

Can you get your GED online in New York?

Pass The GED in 2 months. The state continues to offer the exam at no cost but state residency is required. You cannot take the TASC exam online. You are required to sit for the five subtests in person at a state-designated New York test center.

How can I get my GED and associates degree at the same time?

Through a program known as “ability to benefit,” you can enroll in a college or university even without a high school diploma and still qualify for federal and, in some cases, state financial aid. These colleges will provide GED training while you are also earning credits for an associate degree.

Can I take my GED online?

The official online GED test is proctored and can only be accessed through your student account at GED.com. You have to be logged in to be able to schedule and take the test.

Is it better to get a diploma or a GED?

Having a GED is preferable to no high school degree at all. And in terms of educational qualifications, employers generally consider GEDs and typical diplomas to be equivalent. “The distinction between a high school diploma and a GED in the eyes of an employer is very negligible.

Is Ged as good as a high school diploma?

Depending upon your personal circumstances, a high school diploma or GED may be better for you. A high school diploma is not necessarily better than a GED, though it varies. In order for students to pass the GED, they have to understand the same material as a student who is taking classes to receive a high school diploma.

Do you have to take GED classes to get your GED?

GED preparation classes aren’t required before taking the exam. If you take a practice test to evaluate your current level of understanding in each content area and receive a passing score in each, you might be ready to register to take the official exam. If your scores in each area aren’t at the passing level, you might want to take a prep class.

Can you get a high school diploma and a GED?

Short answer – yes. However, if you are still in high school, many states do not allow you to get a GED (they want you to stay in school and get your high school diploma). If you already have a high school diploma, then you really do not need a GED. Here is a link to the state by state guidelines: