How do I fill out a DofE route card?

How do I fill out a DofE route card?

Please select ‘Route card’ from the top left-hand corner of the screen and this will open up your expedition route card. You can add and edit the information about your Expedition (for example your expedition aim, names and contact details, dates, times, level of Award etc).

What is a DofE route card?

A route card is a safety measure and is completed before setting out on the journey. The route card, along with a copy of your corresponding map, is given to a trusted adult who is not going on the trip.

How do you fill out a route card?

Write a brief, but DETAILED summary of your route between each leg, which will include naming the various features (landmarks) that you pass on route. Describe a point between the start and end of the leg where you could locate a landline telephone, if an emergency occurs, e.g. farm, pub, village, etc.

How do you use DofE mapping?

Accessing eDofE Mapping: If you are a Participant you will find the mapping application within the Expedition section of eDofE, you will need to select ‘Mapping’ from the toolbar on the left-hand side of the screen. From here you can create new maps as well as view/edit existing maps that have been created.

What is Route card in production?

route sheet. It is also called as route card. It lists the manufacturing operations in the decided sequence along with the machines associated with each operation. It also indicates the department in which the operation is to be done and the part will go for the next operation.

How do you use DOFE mapping?

What is a DofE expedition?

The DofE Expedition Guide states that ‘DofE expeditions are about solitude and independence, so DofE teams are expected to use only very basic campsites…. Wild camping can be an exciting, memorable and highly rewarding experience for young people.

What is dispatching production?

Dispatching is the physical handing over of a manufacturing order to the operating facility (a worker) through the release of orders and instructions in accordance with a previously developed plan of activity (time and sequence) established by the scheduling section of the production planning and control department.

Do you need to complete a DofE route card?

The process of completing the route card is very simple it just becomes time consuming when we have multi day routes to record such as would be for a Gold DofE expedition but we must remember a route card is a safety measure and should be completed before setting out on the journey.

How is mountain water expeditions approved by DofE?

The points of your route card should match with the route on your map, based on the map’s longitude/latitude grid lines. Mountain Water Expeditions is a DofE Approved Activity (AAP) for the Expedition section at all three levels of the award and also the DofE residential section at gold level.

What do you mean by a route card?

What are route cards? A route card is a document that is used by hillwalkers as an aid to navigation and route planning. The planned route is broken down into discrete sections termed “legs” or “stages”.

Where do the legs of a DofE expedition start?

Whenever possible, each leg will start and finish at a clearly defined topographical feature such as a lake, knoll, saddle, stream junction and so on. In most cases the legs are defined as being the longest section that might be safely followed on a single compass bearing.