How do I access HP Smart Array Configuration utility?

How do I access HP Smart Array Configuration utility?

ACU is now available as an embedded utility, starting with HP ProLiant Gen8 servers. To access ACU, use one of the following methods: If an optional controller is not installed, press F10 during boot. If an optional controller is installed, when the system recognizes the controller during POST, press F5.

How do I check my HP RAID configuration?

You can also reboot and view the array configuration from the BIOS utility or by launching the F10 Intelligent Provisioning menu. If you have access to the server’s ILO4 interface, you can get the array configuration from that by clicking on the “Storage” menu.

Where is HP Array Configuration utility?

Click Array Configuration Utility on the left-hand side of the screen.

What is P212?

The HPE Smart Array P212 is HPE’s entry level PCI Express (PCIe) Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) RAID controller. The P212 is ideal for RAID 0, 1, 1+0, and can be upgraded with 256 MB Cache module for RAID 5, 5+0 and additionally with Battery Kit and Smart Array Advanced Pack (SAAP) license key for RAID 6 (ADG), & 6+0.

What is an array configuration?

An array is an ordered configuration, or group, of physical devices (disk drive or flash drive modules) that is used to define logical volumes or devices. An array is a type of MDisk that is made up of disk drives; these drives are members of the array.

How do I enable logical drive?

Logical Drive can be re-enabled in following ways: 1. Boot Server with SmartStart CD, open ACU, and re-enable logical drive. 2. Get into BIOS while booting the server, choose the Logical Drive and press F1 to re-enable the logical drive.

How do I start my HP SSA?

Launching HPE SSA during POST

  1. Boot the server or compute module. During POST, the system recognizes devices.
  2. Press F10 to start intelligent provisioning. A menu appears, listing the options for launching HPE SSA.
  3. Select a method to launch HPE SSA.