Does North Carolina have Target stores?

Does North Carolina have Target stores?

Target Stores in North Carolina.

How do I find a Target store?


  1. Navigate to the Target.com home page.
  2. In the upper right hand side of the Target.com home page, select Find stores.
  3. Enter a ZIP code, or city and state, and then Find store to review a local store list and learn more about store directions, hours, phone number, services, or Make it my store.

How many targets are in North Carolina?

Number of Target stores in the United States in 2021, by state

Characteristic Total number of stores
Michigan 53
North Carolina 51
Georgia 50
Massachusetts 49

When did Target open in Greenville NC?

Established in 1902. Visit your Target in Greenville, NC for all your shopping needs including clothes, lawn & patio, baby gear, electronics, groceries, toys, games, shoes, sporting goods and more.

How many Walmart’s are in North Carolina?

Walmart store chart

State Supercenters Total
North Carolina 138 210
Georgia 150 205
Illinois 133 197
Ohio 139 175

How do I get the best price at Target?

16 Easy Ways to Shop Smarter at Target

  1. Use a manufacturer coupon and a store coupon on one item.
  2. Use Circle offers inside the Target app and save up to 75% — without clipping a single coupon!
  3. Stack multiple rebate-app offers on top of coupons and other discounts.
  4. Know the clearance markdown schedule.

Is there a TJ Maxx in Greenville NC?

Maxx – Greenville, North Carolina 27834 – University Commons Greenville. Maxx store or outlet store located in Greenville, North Carolina – University Commons Greenville location, address: 3040 Evans St, Greenville, NC 27834. …

What states have Target stores?

The graph below shows the top 20 states with the largest number of target stores. 19.03% of Target stores are located in California while Texas comes second with 10.13%, followed by Florida with 8.35%.

What is the Target store phone number?

The customer service number of Target is (800) 591-3869

How many Target stores are there nationwide?

Since that time, Target’s growth has been nothing short of meteoric. The company operates over 850 stores in 41 states, including 75 Target Greatlands, 14 SuperTargets, and 298 Targets with pharmacies.