Did Jason from Laguna Beach go to rehab?

Did Jason from Laguna Beach go to rehab?

Laguna Beach star Jason Wahler revealed how his past struggles with drug addiction worsened after joining the MTV reality. Eventually, he went to rehab during filming, sharing that he “didn’t take it too seriously.” But Jason said once he left the show and lost the routine, his addiction would get “worse.”

What happened to Jason from the hills?

In 2015 he launched Widespread Recovery, an all-male sober living home in Laguna Beach, but his journey has been marked by a few setbacks. He relapsed in 2018 after being sober for four years, penning a statement on his Instagram about surrendering to his addiction and the ‘shame and guilt,’ it caused him.

What do Jason Wahler’s parents do?

Rick Wahler
Denese Wahler
Jason Wahler/Parents

Who did Jason date on Laguna Beach?

Jason Wahler popped up in season two as Jessica Smith’s boyfriend. He later dated Lauren Conrad.

Who did Jason Kiss Laguna Beach?

Admittedly, most of favorite LB moments come from the original season, but season two brought new drama and a new villain: Jason, who managed to tangle himself in relationships with LC, Jessica, and Alex M. The tipping point came when Jason kissed Jessica at a fashion show, in front of LC.

What does Jason Wahler dad do?

Although it’s unclear what his mom does for a living, Jason’s dad works in real estate development. According to his LinkedIn, Rick is an advisor at Trivest Builders, Inc., a contracting company that specializes in commercial and residential buildings.

Did Jason from the hills relapse?

Wahler has been very open in the past about his struggles with both alcohol and cocaine addiction. Following his time on the OG “Hills,” he founded a men’s sober living home, though admitted to relapses in 2018 and 2020.

Who is Jason Wahler married to?

Ashley Slackm. 2013
Jason Wahler/Spouse

Who was Jason from the hills engaged to?

The Hills’ Jason Wahler and Doug Reinhardt Get Engaged to Their Girlfriends. Not one, but two of Lauren Conrad’s ex-boyfriends made news Monday with news of their engagements. Conrad’s famous ex-boyfriend Jason Wahler, whom she dated on both Laguna Beach and The Hills, is engaged to girlfriend Ashley Slack.

What does Audrina do for a living?

ModelTV PersonalityTelevision presenter
Audrina Patridge/Professions

Who is Jason Wahlers wife?

Jason Wahler/Wife