Which is the triatomic molecule?

Which is the triatomic molecule?

Introduction. Triatomic molecules are molecules that contain three atoms. The atoms in triatomic molecules can all be the same, as in I3-, all be different, as in HCN, or can be a mix like CO2. Examples include H2O, which is a bent and has a bond angle of 109o, and a linear triatomic molecule such as CO2.

What is the definition of triatomic in chemistry?

: having three atoms in the molecule ozone is triatomic oxygen.

Is water a triatomic element?

Like the other nonmetallic hydrides of the Group 16 elements, water is a triatomic molecule that forms a nonlinear structure.

Is methane a triatomic molecule?

Examples of triatomic molecules are ozone , carbon dioxide , water and hydrogen cyanide. Examples of polyatomic molecules are oxygen, nitrogen, methane and benzene. Hope you like it.

What are the examples of triatomic molecule?

– Tri means three. Therefore triatomic molecules contain three atoms. – The different example for triatomic molecules is Carbon dioxide (CO2 ), Ozone ( O3 ), Water ( H2O ) and etc.

Is glucose a triatomic molecule?

Explanation: (c) . carbon dioxide ( CO2) is right option.

What is Triatomic example?

Which is the example of triatomic molecule?

Ozone, O3 is an example of a triatomic molecule with all atoms the same.

Is chlorine a triatomic molecule?

Therefore, option A is correct. Chlorine is a diatomic molecule and argon is a monatomic molecule. – Triatomic molecules- The molecule which is formed by three atoms is called a triatomic molecule. For instance, Ozone is a triatomic molecule.

Is oxygen a triatomic molecule?

No, oxygen is a diatomic molecule.

Which is an example of a triatomic molecule?

A triatomic molecule is a molecule consisting of 3 atoms (the same or different). Examples of triatomic molecules include (but not limited to): – Water (H2O) – Ozone (O3) – Carbon dioxide (CO2) Wiki User

Which is an example of a diatomic molecule?

Diatomic molecule is a molecule that is made up of only 2 atoms. Triatomic molecule is a molecule that is made up of only 3 atoms. Thus, the difference is that a diatomic molecule is made up of only 2 atoms while a triatomic molecule is made up of only 3 atoms.

Which is an example of a polyatomic molecule?

Anything that consists of two or more atoms is called molecular, for example oxygen (O2), nitrogen (N2), ozone (O3), carbon dioxide (CO2), methane (CH4), benzene (C6H6), and way bigger like rotaxane or proteins or polymers. Any molecule that contains more than 2 atoms is polyatomic.

What kind of molecules consist of different types of atoms?

The molecules which consists of different types of atoms are known as Hetroatomic molecules. e.g H2SO4,HNO3. For example water is a molecule made up of two atoms of hydrogen and one atom of oxygen. Life is not possible without water.