Which county in Wisconsin has the most tornadoes?

Which county in Wisconsin has the most tornadoes?

St. Croix County
Wisconsin’s Worst Tornado occurred on June 12, 1899 in New Richmond in St. Croix County….Wisconsin Tornado and Severe Weather Statistics.

From 1950 through 2007 From 1982 through 2007
Path Length – 5.5 miles Path Length – 3.7 miles
Maximum Width – 121 yards Width – 118 yards
Intensity – 1.1 on EF Scale

Where did the tornado hit in Wisconsin yesterday?

A tornado touched down near Pulaski heading east at 35 mph and the weather service warned residents to take shelter. The estimated EF0 tornado was confirmed at 2:16 p.m. near the intersection of Wisconsin 160 and Green Valley Road about 16 miles east of Shawano, the weather service said.

How many tornadoes have happened in Wisconsin in 2021?

24 Tornadoes reported in Wisconsin in 2021.

Are there tornadoes in Appleton WI?

The chance of earthquake damage in Appleton is about the same as Wisconsin average and is much lower than the national average. The risk of tornado damage in Appleton is higher than Wisconsin average and is higher than the national average.

Where is Tornado Alley in Wisconsin?

Let’s take a look at Wisconsin tornado reports from 1844 through 2020. You will notice that the highest occurrence of tornadoes is in southern Wisconsin. This makes sense as the southern part of the state is typically warmer and more humid and lies on the northern edge of the classic “Tornado Alley”.

Did Wisconsin have tornadoes yesterday?

NWS has confirmed two tornadoes in SW WI from yesterday: An EF-3 tornado in Boscobel with max winds of 150 mph, and an EF-1 near Highland.

When was the last tornado in Appleton WI?

Appleton experienced widespread tree damage and power outages for days when, on July 20, 2019, several tornados struck in the area: an EF-1 near New London; an EF-1 in Hortonville with winds reaching 90 miles per hour; an EF-0 in Greenville with winds reaching 85 miles per hour; and an EF-0 in Wrightstown.