When is the first flight of the SkyCat 1000?

When is the first flight of the SkyCat 1000?

The cruise speed of the SkyCat 1000 is 185km/h, which is a fifth of the speed of the 747. The range is 7,408km compared to the 747’s 8,700km range. The first flight of the SkyCat 1000 is scheduled for 2008.

How big of a payload can a SkyCat carry?

“SkyFreighter” is the name given by the Hybrid Air Vehicles to one of its implementations of the SkyCat design. These are proposed to carry heavy-lift and ultra-heavy-lift cargo payloads from 50 tons net payload to as heavy as 1000 tons which may be a mix of outsized and/or containerized objects.

How big is the SkyCat hybrid air vehicle?

The SkyCat hybrid air vehicles combine lighter-than-air airship technology with air-cushioned hovercraft technology. The vehicle will be built in three variants (Skycat 20, SkyCat 200 and SkyCat 1000) with payload capacities from 20,000kg to one million kg.

What’s the maximum altitude of a SkyCat airship?

The development of the SkyCat is based on the proven successful design, manufacture and operation of the fleet of airships by Airship Technologies, which designs and operates more transport and passenger airships than any other airship operator worldwide. The maximum operating altitude is 2,745m.

Where does Advanced Technologies Group SkyCat come from?

SkyCat can hover on station for extended periods, making it ideal for loading/unloading cargo at sea. The SkyCat hybrid air vehicles, supplied by Advanced Technologies Group, based in Cardington, Bedfordshire, UK, combine lighter-than-air airship technology and air-cushioned hovercraft technology.

What can the SkyCat be used for in the military?

The SkyCat can be configured as a passenger airship, an ultra heavy cargo ship and as an airborne surveillance platform. Military applications include tactical and strategic air lift, a command, control, computers and information platform, mine countermeasures, airborne early warning and anti-surface warfare.