What kind of sandwiches does Pizza Hut have?

What kind of sandwiches does Pizza Hut have?

Pizza Hut has jumped back into the sandwich space with the launch of its new P’Zolo, which comes in three varieties – Meat Trio, Italian Steak and Buffalo Chicken. The P’Zolos are freshly baked in a golden crust and sprinkled with Asiago cheese. The Meat Trio includes Italian sausage, pepperoni, ham and cheese.

Does Pizza Hut have ham and cheese sandwiches?

Pizza Hut Ham & Cheese Sandwich Calories There are 550 calories in a Ham & Cheese Sandwich from Pizza Hut. Most of those calories come from fat (35%) and carbohydrates (41%).

Does Pizza Hut have calzones?

The calzones feature classic Pizza Hut crust wrapping gobs of melted cheese and toppings. They come in three varieties, all of which are accompanied by marinara sauce for dipping. There’s Pepperoni, Meaty, and Supremo.

Does Pizza Hut have meatball sandwiches?

Calories in Pizza Hut Meatball Sub Sandwich, with Straight-Cut Fries | CalorieKing.

Does Pizza Hut have salads?

Prepared Fresh Daily Our salad is prepped daily – veg chopped, lettuce tossed and all checked for quality. We spend hours in Huts across the country making sure that all of our produce is up to scratch. We keep the salad bar topped up regularly; all day, every day. So help yourself!

Does Pizza Hut no longer have calzones?

Pizza Hut Is Bringing Back Its Beloved ‘P’Zone’ Calzones After a Long Hiatus. The Pepperoni P’Zone will be part of the pizza chain’s $5 line-up. 17 years after they first debuted, “P’Zone” calzones are returning to Pizza Hut restaurants nationwide—just in time for March Madness.

Does Pizza Hut no longer have Pzones?

If you haven’t ever tried a P’Zone, you’re in for quite the treat. It’s a toasted parmesan pizza crust filled with pizza toppings and melted cheese, baked calzone-style, and served with marinara dipping sauce. The P’Zone is now available on its own or you can order the Pepperoni P’Zone as part of Pizza Hut’s $5 Lineup.

Is Pizza Hut considered fast food?

Pizza is a common fast food category in the United States, with nationwide chains including Papa John’s, Domino’s Pizza, Sbarro and Pizza Hut. It trails only the burger industry in supplying children’s fast food calories.

Is Pizza Hut bad for You?

These nutrition facts show that Pizza Hut has a significant impact, especially when it comes to sodium intake. Studies show that a diet high in calories, fat (especially saturated and trans-fats), and sodium can lead to conditions such as high blood pressure, heart disease, and obesity.

Does Pizza Hut have an extra large pizza?

The first obvious comparison that came to mind was that Pizza Hut did not have Extra Large size offering – which both Domino’s and Papa John’s had. The highest size offering in Pizza Hut unfortunately is Large. (Not so good, when you are organizing a huge party on a budget, with lots of hungry drunk people to feed).

What toppings are available at Pizza Hut?

The Pizza Hut menu offers all the standard toppings such as sausage, beef, bacon, chicken, ham and your typical veggies including olives, red & green peppers, jalapenos, mushrooms and onions.