What is the name of federation in charge of netball internationally?

What is the name of federation in charge of netball internationally?

World Netball
World Netball is responsible for Netball across the Globe with currently seventy-six (76) Members, fifty-five (55) Full Members and Twenty One (21) Associate Members.

What is the organization responsible for netball internationally and local?

The sport worldwide is controlled by the International Federation of Netball Association (IFNA).

Who is the governing body of netball in India?

Netball Federation of India
Netball Federation of India (NFI) (Hindi: भारतीय नेटबॉल महासंघ) is the national governing body of Netball in India.

What does the NGB do for netball?

England Netball is the national governing body for England’s biggest female team sport, netball. It oversees and is responsible for the strategic plan of the sport across the country. We are a not for profit customer-focused sport business, aiming to deliver a first class member and participation experience.

Which countries is netball played in?

Over 20 million people play netball throughout the world, in more than 80 countries. The sport is strongest in Commonwealth nations, but it is also growing in Zimbabwe, Taiwan and the United States. The top four nations are traditionally New Zealand, Australia, England and Jamaica.

Who is the father of netball game?

immigrant to the USA, James Naismith, was ordered to invent an indoor game for high-spirited young men at the School for Christian Workers (later the YMCA).

What is the weight of the netball?

The netball court is 30.5 metres (100 ft) long, 15.25 metres (50.0 ft) wide, and divided lengthwise into thirds. The ball is usually made of leather or rubber, measures 680 to 710 millimetres (27 to 28 in) in circumference (~22 centimetres (8.7 in) in diameter), and weighs 397 to 454 grams (14.0 to 16.0 oz).

What is the role of an international sport governing body?

The IFs have the responsibility and duty to manage and to monitor the everyday running of the world’s various sports disciplines, including for those on the programme, the practical organisation of events during the Games. The IFs must also supervise the development of athletes practising these sports at every level.

Who is the world governing body for netball?

International Netball Federation. The International Netball Federation ( INF ), formerly the “International Federation of Netball Associations” (IFNA), is the worldwide governing body for Netball. The INF was created in 1960 and is responsible for world rankings, maintaining the rules for netball and organising the Netball World Cup.

What kind of facilities are needed for netball?

Facility & Equipment Requirements The World Netball Rules of Netball are written for International play and all World Netball Events (Netball World Cup, Netball World Youth Cup, Commonwealth Games, Fast5 NWS) are now played in indoor arenas on sprung wooden floors.

When did the International Federation of netball start?

History. Efforts began in 1957 to standardise netball rules globally: by 1960 international playing rules had been standardised, and the International Federation of Netball and Women’s Basketball, later the International Netball Federation (INF), was formed to administer the sport worldwide.

Why do we need netball in the world?

We’d like to thank our Members for joining us today at the World Netball virtual Congress 2021 & thank all those who serve on our netball committees, working groups, & panels around the world. Together we are helping us to create a better world through netball.