What is the high speed of R15?

What is the high speed of R15?

136 KMPH
Yamaha R15 V3 claims to record the top speed at 136 KMPH. Currently, R15 gives the highest top speed figure in its segment. It clocks 0-100 KMPH in flat 12 seconds, given that it is powered just by a 150 CC engine.

What is the top speed of R15 V4?

Yamaha R15 V4 vs KTM RC 125: Engine and Performance

Yamaha R15 V4 KTM RC 125
Top Speed 140 kmph 110 kmph
Braking 60-0 kmph 16.88m 20.05m
Braking 80-0 kmph 34.15m 36.43m
Braking 100-0 kmph 51.67m N/A

How can I make my R15 V3 faster?

A lighter exhaust system and use of alloy wheels in place of spoke wheels can drastically improve the performance of your bike. Getting rid of the centre stand, saree guard, metal grab rails, leg guard, and a few other components can also save more than 5-6 kgs in the first attempt.

What is the top speed of R15 version 2?

Yamaha YZF R15 Highlights Meshed with this capable engine is the seamless return type 6-speed gearbox that allows the bike to attain a top speed of 131kmph.

Why Yamaha R15 is fast?

The peak power of 19.3 PS is produced at 10,000 rpm while the peak torque of 15 Nm of torque is produced at 8,500 rpm. The R15 gets a full fairing and an aggressive riding position meant to suit race tracks rather than traffic crawls. The motorcycle uses telescopic front suspension and a monoshock rear suspension.

Will there be a R15 V4?

Yamaha has launched the much-awaited YZF-R15 V4 in India at a starting price of Rs 1.67 lakh (ex-showroom, Delhi). It’s available in three different variants: R15 V4, R15M, and a MotoGP Edition. Read about it here.

What is the top speed of R15 v1?

It is the first Indian sports bike that came with a fully-faired supersport type design. This entry-level supersport comes with a powerful single-cylinder engine that is mated to a 6-speed gearbox….Performance, Mileage & Top Speed.

Maximum Power 16.8 HP @ 8,500 rpm
Top Speed 132 km/h
0-100 KMPH 12 secs *

What’s the top speed of a Yamaha R15?


What kind of engine does Yamaha YZF R15 have?

The YZF R15 V3 is powered by 155cc BS6 engine which develops a power of 18.37 bhp and a torque of 14.1 Nm. With both front and rear disc brakes, Yamaha YZF R15 V3 comes up with anti-locking braking system.

What kind of engine does the your 15 have?

Take a ride and discover what makes the R Badge the “Next-Generation 155cc Supersport Inheriting R-DNA”. This liquid cooled single overhead camshaft fuel injection engine churns out [email protected] and [email protected]

Is the Yamaha R15 an everyday motorcycle in India?

The Yamaha R15 changed the 150cc segment in the Indian market the way the CBZ did when it was launched. It was an everyday motorcycle that could genuinely be used as a trackday tool.