What is modification and example?

What is modification and example?

Modification is a change that is made, or is the act of changing something. When a plan is in place and you make a slight change to the plan such as building a wall one inch taller, this is an example of modification.

What is difference between the modifier and the modified?

It can sometimes be difficult to tell the difference between adjectives and adverbs in a sentence. You must ask yourself what word the modifier is modifying. If the modified word is a noun, the modifier is an adjective. If the modified word is a verb, adjective, or adverb, the modifier is an adverb.

What are the different types of modifiers?

There are two types of modifiers: adjectives and adverbs.

What is modification process?

A modification is a change or alteration, usually to make something work better. If you want to change something — in other words, modify it — you need to make a modification. Lots of things require modification, because they get older or just because they can be improved.

What is the best definition of modification?

1 : the act or process of changing parts of something. 2 : a slightly changed form.

What is a difference between “modification” and?

Modification is the final outcome of the act of modifying whereas revision can be the final outcome or the continuous process of revising. Modification is often used in the context of technological changes whereas revision can be used on other occasions as well.

What does modifications mean?

A modification is a change made to something – usually only a small or slight change.

What is an antonym for modify?

Antonyms for modify. alter, change: grow, disorder, stay, leave alone, increase, spoil, remain, disarrange, stagnate, unfit, hurt.

What does modification of activity mean?

Activity modification is really a four-fold process which includes: Challenging the patient to look at their lifestyle and find out how they can take less steps and spend less time standing each day Exploring strategies for how they can have less force go through their feet with each step (ex. footwear modifications, walking surfaces, etc.) while still maintaining an active lifestyle